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/* Pushdown stacks for integers, pointers, and characters.
* nstack - SRE 1 March 2000. [Seattle]
* mstack - SRE, Fri Oct 10 10:18:16 2003 [St. Louis]
* cstack - SRE, Mon Oct 13 12:57:56 2003 [St. Louis]
* Incorp into easel - SRE, Sun Dec 26 07:39:02 2004 [Zaragoza]
#include "esl_config.h"
#define ESL_STACK_INITALLOC 128 /* initial allocation; realloc by doubling */
#include <pthread.h>
#include "esl_random.h"
typedef struct esl_stack_s {
int *idata; /* integer data stack */
void **pdata; /* pointer data stack */
char *cdata; /* character data stack */
int n; /* current (topmost) elem in data */
int nalloc; /* # of elems allocated right now */
int do_mutex; /* TRUE if we need to mutex-protect this stack */
int do_cond; /* TRUE if pushers want to notify poppers */
pthread_mutex_t *mutex; /* protect while operating on stacks */
pthread_cond_t *cond; /* for pushers to notify poppers */
extern ESL_STACK *esl_stack_ICreate(void);
extern ESL_STACK *esl_stack_CCreate(void);
extern ESL_STACK *esl_stack_PCreate(void);
extern int esl_stack_Reuse(ESL_STACK *s);
extern void esl_stack_Destroy(ESL_STACK *s);
extern int esl_stack_IPush(ESL_STACK *ns, int x);
extern int esl_stack_CPush(ESL_STACK *cs, char c);
extern int esl_stack_PPush(ESL_STACK *ps, void *p);
extern int esl_stack_IPop(ESL_STACK *ns, int *ret_x);
extern int esl_stack_CPop(ESL_STACK *cs, char *ret_c);
extern int esl_stack_PPop(ESL_STACK *ps, void **ret_p);
extern int esl_stack_ObjectCount(ESL_STACK *s);
extern char *esl_stack_Convert2String(ESL_STACK *cs);
extern int esl_stack_DiscardTopN(ESL_STACK *s, int n);
extern int esl_stack_DiscardSelected(ESL_STACK *s, int (*discard_func)(void *, void *), void *param);
extern int esl_stack_Shuffle(ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, ESL_STACK *s);
extern int esl_stack_UseMutex (ESL_STACK *s);
extern int esl_stack_UseCond (ESL_STACK *s);
extern int esl_stack_ReleaseCond(ESL_STACK *s);
#endif /*eslSTACK_INCLUDED*/
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