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/* Simple master/worker data parallelization using POSIX threads.
#include "esl_config.h"
#include <pthread.h>
typedef struct {
int threadCount; /* number of active worker threads */
pthread_t *threadId; /* threadId for each worker thread; [0..threadCount-1] */
void **data; /* data pointer for each worker thread; [0..threadCount-1] */
int startThread; /* number of worker threads currently blocked at start mutex */
pthread_mutex_t startMutex; /* the starting gate */
pthread_cond_t startCond; /* the signal that workers are synchronized and may start */
void (*func)(void *); /* each worker thread runs this function; arg is to data[] */
extern ESL_THREADS *esl_threads_Create(void (*func)(void *));
extern void esl_threads_Destroy(ESL_THREADS *obj);
extern int esl_threads_AddThread (ESL_THREADS *obj, void *data);
extern int esl_threads_GetWorkerCount(ESL_THREADS *obj);
extern int esl_threads_WaitForStart (ESL_THREADS *obj);
extern int esl_threads_WaitForFinish (ESL_THREADS *obj);
extern int esl_threads_Started (ESL_THREADS *obj, int *ret_workeridx);
extern void *esl_threads_GetData (ESL_THREADS *obj, int workeridx);
extern int esl_threads_Finished(ESL_THREADS *obj, int workeridx);
extern int esl_threads_CPUCount(int *ret_ncpu);
extern int esl_threads_GetCPUCount(void);
#endif /*eslTHREADS_INCLUDED*/
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