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/* Interface with the LAPACK (Fortran77) numerical library.
#include "esl_config.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "easel.h"
#include "esl_dmatrix.h"
#include "interface_lapack.h"
/* A: nxn real matrix
* ret_Er: RETURN: vector of eigenvalues, real part, allocated 0..n-1
* ret_Ei: RETURN: vector of eigenvalues, imaginary part, allocated 0..n-1
* ret_VL: RETURN: left eigenvectors
* ret_VR: RETURN: right eigenvectors
esl_lapack_dgeev(ESL_DMATRIX *A, double **ret_Er, double **ret_Ei, ESL_DMATRIX **ret_VL, ESL_DMATRIX **ret_VR)
double *Er = NULL;
double *Ei = NULL;
double *work = NULL;
char jobvl, jobvr;
int lda;
int ldvl, ldvr;
int lwork;
int info;
int status;
if ((VL = esl_dmatrix_Create(A->n,A->n)) == NULL) { status = eslEMEM; goto ERROR; }
if ((VR = esl_dmatrix_Create(A->n,A->n)) == NULL) { status = eslEMEM; goto ERROR; }
ESL_ALLOC(Er, sizeof(double) * A->n);
ESL_ALLOC(Ei, sizeof(double) * A->n);
ESL_ALLOC(work, sizeof(double) * 4 * A->n);
jobvl = (ret_VL == NULL) ? 'N' : 'V'; /* do we want left eigenvectors? */
jobvr = (ret_VR == NULL) ? 'N' : 'V'; /* do we want right eigenvectors? */
lda = A->n;
ldvl = A->n;
ldvr = A->n;
lwork = 4*A->n;
/* Fortran convention is colxrow, not rowxcol; so transpose
* A before passing it to a Fortran routine.
/* The actual Fortran77 interface call to LAPACK.
* All args must be passed by reference.
* Fortran 2D arrays are 1D: so pass the A[0] part of a DSMX.
dgeev_(&jobvl, &jobvr, &(A->n), A->mx[0], &lda, Er, Ei, VL->mx[0], &ldvl, VR->mx[0], &ldvr, work, &lwork, &info);
/* Now, VL, VR are transposed (col x row), so transpose them back to
* C convention.
if (ret_VL != NULL) *ret_VL = VL; else esl_dmatrix_Destroy(VL);
if (ret_VR != NULL) *ret_VR = VR; else esl_dmatrix_Destroy(VR);
if (ret_Er != NULL) *ret_Er = Er; else free(Er);
if (ret_Ei != NULL) *ret_Ei = Ei; else free(Ei);
return eslOK;
if (ret_VL != NULL) *ret_VL = NULL;
if (ret_VR != NULL) *ret_VR = NULL;
if (ret_Er != NULL) *ret_Er = NULL;
if (ret_Ei != NULL) *ret_Ei = NULL;
if (VL != NULL) free(VL);
if (VR != NULL) free(VR);
if (Er != NULL) free(Er);
if (Ei != NULL) free(Ei);
if (work != NULL) free(work);
return status;
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