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/* interface_lapack.h
* SRE, Tue Jul 13 15:11:51 2004 [St. Louis]
#include "esl_config.h"
/* This is the C interface to the Fortran77 dgeev routine,
* provided by the LAPACK library:
extern void dgeev_(char *jobvl, char *jobvr, int *n, double *a,
int *lda, double *wr, double *wi, double *vl,
int *ldvl, double *vr, int *ldvr,
double *work, int *lwork, int *info);
/* and this is our C interface to the lapack call:
extern int esl_lapack_dgeev(ESL_DMATRIX *A, double **ret_Er, double **ret_Ei, ESL_DMATRIX **ret_VL, ESL_DMATRIX **ret_VR);
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