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✉️ NativeScript plugin for opening draft e-mails
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NativeScript Email

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You can use this plugin to compose an e-mail, have the user edit the draft manually, and send it.

Note that this plugin depends on the default mail app. If you want a fallback to a third party client app like Gmail or Outlook, then check for availability, and if not available use a solution like the Social Share plugin.


Run this command from the root of your project:

tns plugin add nativescript-email


To use this plugin you must first require/import it:


import * as email from "nativescript-email";
// or
import { compose } from "nativescript-email";
// or even
import { compose as composeEmail } from "nativescript-email";


var email = require("nativescript-email");



  email.available().then((avail: boolean) => {
      console.log("Email available? " + avail);


  email.available().then(function(avail) {
      console.log("Email available? " + avail);



  // let's first create a File object using the tns file module
  var fs = require("file-system");
  var appPath = fs.knownFolders.currentApp().path;
  var logoPath = appPath + "/res/telerik-logo.png";

      subject: "Yo",
      body: "Hello <strong>dude</strong> :)",
      to: ['', ''],
      cc: [''],
      bcc: ['', ''],
      attachments: [
            fileName: 'arrow1.png',
            mimeType: 'image/png'
            fileName: 'telerik-logo.png',
            path: logoPath,
            mimeType: 'image/png'
    function() {
      console.log("Email composer closed");
    }, function(err) {
      console.log("Error: " + err);

Full attachment support has been added to 1.3.0 per the example above.

Since 1.4.0 the promise will be rejected in case a file can't be found.

Usage with Angular

Check out this tutorial (YouTube) to learn how to use this plugin in a NativeScript-Angular app.

Known issues

On iOS you can't use the simulator to test the plugin because of an iOS limitation. To prevent a crash this plugin returns false when available is invoked on the iOS sim.

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