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  1. Forked from jessicanada/GLM-CFC

    A GLM based approach to measure CFC

    MATLAB 6 2

  2. Multiunit goodness of fit testing using the time rescaling theorem.

    Python 1

  3. A Matlab state space modeling toolbox for discrete & continuous observation processes and censored & missing data points. Ali Yousefi, Unpublished.

    MATLAB 1 2

  4. State space models for categorization of replay content from multiunit spiking activity. Deng et al. 2016

    Python 3 5

  5. Frequency domain functional and directed connectivity analysis tools for electrophysiological data

    Python 19 9

  6. A semi-latent state-space model that combines movement, LFP, and ensemble spiking information to identify periods of replay and decode its content in real time. Long Tao et al., unpublished.

    Python 2 2

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