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The Airbitz android application comes in 3 flavors. Production, Testnet and Develop. To build it issue one of the following commands:

Develop version (Seperate App ID which does not conflict with production version. Also uses the develop branch of airbitz-core-java)

./gradlew installDevelopDebug

Testnet version

./gradlew installNettestDebug

Production version

./gradlew installProdDebug


Airbitz includes airbitz-plugins which are HTML5 single page applications that are included in the APK. If you have setup the airbitz-plugins repository you can automatically build them with the following gradle command.

./gradlew buildAirbitzPlugins

API Keys

In order to work with Airbitz servers, Google Maps, or any plugin partners (glidera, foldapp, [clevercoin][clevercoin]), you'll need API keys. Put your developer API key in the appropriate keys.xml

cp src/prod/res/values/keys.xml.example    src/prod/res/values/keys.xml
cp src/develop/res/values/keys.xml.example src/develop/res/values/keys.xml
cp src/nettest/res/values/keys.xml.example src/nettest/res/values/keys.xml

The one required API to use the wallet is the airbitz_api_key which can be obtained from

Create an account using the Airbitz mobile app ( and use it to sign into by scanning the BitID barcode. Confirm your email and you'll then see an API key in the account page. Use that for airbitz_api_key.

Airbitz APIs

This app is build heavily on airbitz-core-java which leverages airbitz-core. If you are interested in the underlying security, and possibly using it in your application, please see our API overview.