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Docker images to build EdgeTX

Docker Image CI

How to use

In order to build each image, just cd into the directory and execute make:

% cd dev && make
% cd commit-tests && make


The edgetx-dev image is meant to be used in interactive mode:

% cd ~/src/edgetx
% docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/src bash
root@02157a542d21:/# cd /src

Then you can just do whatever you need to do with your EdgeTX source tree (compile, test, whatever).


The edgetx-builder image is meant to be used in cloudbuild project. It favours rootless user by default, other than that it is exactly the same as edgetx-dev.

Docker repositories

The edgetx-dev and edgetx-builder image are hosted at Docker hub & Github Container Repository for your convenience.

Pulling from Github Container Repository with this command:

% docker pull
% docker pull