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Edirom Online

Edirom Online is a web application written in XQuery and Javascript, and designed for deployment in eXist-db It is based on the work of the Edirom-Project that originally was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). This software brings paperbased historio-critical editions of music texts to the web.

The software is still under high development and has to be seen as beta software.


Edirom Online depends heavily on the javascript framework ExtJS ( which is included in parts in our code base. We use ExtJS 4.2.1 in the GPL version. Edirom Online also includes the Raphaël javscript library (, MIT License) and the ACE editor (, BSD license).


Building locally

For building Edirom Online you need Sencha Cmd installed on your system. You might want to refer to the Sencha Cmd System Setup section for more details.

Alternatively we recommend to use a container image for building, e.g. bwbohl/sencha-cmd

docker run --rm -it -v /ABSOLUTE/PATH/TO/YOUR/LOCAL/EDIROM-ONLINE/CLONE:/app --name ediBuild

When you have your system preapared with all Sencha Cmd prerequisites or you have your docker container running you have to execute a sencha build command through calling the build script included in this repository with one of the sencha build-type options (please refer to sencha app build reference for details), either in your native shell or in the container shell, e.g.:

./ testing

Testing locally

It is essential to Test your modifications before committing or issuing a pull request. A recommended way is running a local eXist-db v5.3 container and deploying your local build of Edirom Online together with some test-data, e.g. the Edirom Edition Example.

Other deployment methods

Please see our documentation in the wiki.


Edirom Online is released to the public under the terms of the GNU GPL v.3 open source license.