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GitHub release Docker Build

SMuFL-Browser is a web based viewer for the Standard Music Font Layout specification which facilitates searching and browsing of musical symbols. Additionally it serves as a TEI reference for the SMuFL specification so encoders can easily add musical symbols to their texts. For that purpose a set of ANT tasks has been developed for creating TEI charDecl descriptions from SMuFL.

Docker Image

There is a Docker image available at which you can run with

docker run --rm -it \
    -p 8080:8080 \
    --name smufl-browser \

This will make your local SMuFL-Browser available at http://localhost:8080.

This image is derived from stadlerpeter/existdb and adds some SMuFL-browser specific settings for a production ready environment with SMuFL-browser as the root app. For more details about available options see


If you want to run the app your own you also need the eXist-db XML database. Please use a recent build from 2015 since the HTML5 serializer has been modified.

ANT Tasks

For working with the ANT tasks you need to have the above dependencies installed. Then, copy to and modify paths and version numbers according to your system and to match the desired SMuFL version and download location.

Target charDecl

This will create a TEI file based on the template charDecl.xml.template with charDecl elements (one for each SMuFL range). This task relies on Saxon and XML Shell.

Target otf2png

This will create png images from the Bravura font through a small program written by Alexander Erhard.

Target xar

This will create all the above and bundle it as an eXist app package.


Credits are due to Daniel Spreadbury and his great work on the SMuFL specification. The functionality of the SMuFL-Browser was highly inspired by James Cummings' work on the ENRICH Gaiji Bank.


This work is available under dual license: BSD 2-Clause and Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)