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☔️ Using an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi to create a weather station with live updates accessible from the internet
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I created this project to experiment with using an Arduino board and a Raspberry Pi together, it's basically a simple weather station with live updates accessible from the Internet. Demo here.

How it works

The Arduino gets the weather information from the DHT11 sensor, parses that information then sends it to Raspberry Pi (or any computer) via serial port (usb), the Pi gets that information and sends it to the sparkfun API to be stored there. The master branch contains the code that does this: the arduino folder is destined to be sent to the Arduino board, while server.js is to be run on the the Raspberry Pi.

The alternative branch contains another way to do this, by using only the Raspberry Pi connected directly to the DHT11 sensor without using the Arduino board.

The gh-pages branch contains the code for the demo, basically it's an html page with a js script that fetch the latest data entries from the sparkfun API, and updates the page accordingly.

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