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Uber on Slack

  • An Uber & Slack Integration API
  • Built by App Academy students in the August 2015 cohort
  • Refer to the live site for currently available commands & usage


Uber on Slack enables Slack users to hail Uber rides directly from their chat client with a command-line type interface. By using slash commands from the Slack API, Uber on Slack allows the user to type in commands to hail an UberX ride, get ETAs, and more!


All commands will follow the following format:

/uber [command] [extra parameters]

You'll be asked to link your Slack and Uber accounts using the OAuth protocol the first time you use an /uber command. After that, your next ride is just an /uber away!

Hailing a Ride

To hail a ride, enter a 'ride' command in your Slack chat in the following format:

/uber ride [pickup address] to [destination address]

This can handle a variety of address formats:

/uber ride 1061 market st San Francisco to 24 willie mays plaza
/uber ride 1061 Market St. SF to 24 Willie Mays Plaza
/uber ride 1061 market street san francisco to 24 willie mays plaza san francisco

Uber will look for an available UberX near your origin address. You may check up on the status of this request with an /uber status command. Once a driver is on their way, you'll receive a confirmation. If surge pricing is in effect, the surge multiplier will be shown first, and you can /uber accept to get your ride. Cancelling rides is as easy as typing /uber cancel into your Slack client. Sharing ride details is as easy as using an /uber share command and sharing the resulting hyperlink from the Slack bot.

Uber Vehicles

To see a list of Uber products available for your address:

/uber products [destination address]

Checking Cost

To get an estimate of the cost before ordering:

/uber fares [pickup address] to [destination address]


A help manual is available with the 'help' command:

/uber help

To-Dos / Forthcoming Features

  • Echo command and resolved geographic information back
  • Canceling ride requests from Slack using /uber cancel
  • Specifying which Uber service to hail in the format /uber ride [service] [pickup address] [destination]