An image classifier built using TFLearn.
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An image classifier built using TFLearn.

Training A Model

import glob
images = glob.glob('*.png')
c = ImageClassify(['yes', 'not'], image_size=100, learning_rate=0.001)

Training a model is very easy. Simply feed in the list of classes you want to train, and set the image size and learning rate parameters. The prepare data function takes in a list of images. Images are expected to be in the following format: "class.number.jpg", by passing in the images like this we can label them without the need for another labels file. Calling the train_model method will train a model and save it with the name you passed in.

Making A Prediction

c = ImageClassify(['yes', 'not'], image_size=100, learning_rate=0.001)
results = c.predict_image('road_sign.jpg')

Making a prediction is also very easy. Initialize the class with the same parameters as before. Load your already trained model and then call the predict_image method. The function returns the predicted class name and the raw result.