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I've spent the majority of my spare time on this project, so if you want to support my work, consider donating a small sum (info at the end of the guide).

Other version than I7-8565u with only igpu(no touchscreen), are no lonnger supported, this may work and your version too, consider to give a try

OpenCore Matebook 13 build

>Check releases for builds and changelos

i have very little time to work on this project because of my work and my exams, but thanks to the help provided by the guys in our awesome group, we've now have a pretty stable opencore version

Official open core guide, here you can find a lot useful information about installation. Just follow that guide and use our EFI prepared for our laptop. Or follow my Catalina guide and in the post install, after installing clover, delete "EFI" folder in "EFI partition, and put this one with open core.

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New installation What you need:

A working mac (hackinosh or vmware virtual machine work as well) USB hub for the installation (connected on the usb port of Huawei original adaptator. If you have a usb type c otg connector you can use it to convert usb c to usb a) Usb drive(at least 16GB) Further notes and tips

Format SSD to Mac APFS Use left usb port or you'll get errors during installation Use a USB hub during installation or a OTG usb C adaptator to convert usb c port to usb a Versions with Samsung PM981 NVMe need ssd to be replaced Versions with Western Digital nvme work out of the box


**Remember update kext in EFI/OC/Kexts(After downloading, to have latest ones)

I've used to write guide myself, but OpenCore guys, have done a greato job, so it's useless to rewrite it, just follow the steps to make usb, and put my EFI folder in the EFI partition

Here, how to build the usb for the installation:

Post Installation

After boot, mount the EFI partition of the internal disk / Extract copy the "EFI" folder your EFI partition(like in the installation process, but this time on the HDD)

Reboot and enjoy your Hackintosh (Some stuff might not be working perfectly, but Hackintoshing is a continuous process, so read carefully before complaining"

Conversion from Clover *No dual boot support for now*

Who have a working Clover build, just have to put EFI folder in EFI partition(Delete all files and folders from EFI partition before). The folder efi must be in the efi partition(don't put files directly in the EFI partition), so the path must be EFI/EFI/OC and EFI/EFI/BOOT.

Try this only if you have an usb with bootloader, or system backup to enter system in case of EFI corruption

Known bugs
  • Camera(for most of the hackintosh laptops, the camera works out of the box, for now we have to surrender)

  • Wifi(Testing beta wifi kext, better wait for now)

  • You tell me

Changelog 14/07/2020
  • Fixed audio jack(Thanks to our telegram friend Alex Larionov that found a Combojack working with our layout id)

  • Updated bluetooth kext for better stability


  • Fixed random boot fails

  • Separated build for mx graphics version and intel hd graphics only version


  • Raised min cpu frequency that causes lags


  • Enabled AppleCpuPmCfgLock for better power managment

  • Added proper usb mapping to fix sleep issues and obtain better battery life

  • Fixed sleep

  • Added proper CpuFriendKext to reach lower frequencies when laptop is in idle and max frequencies when it's needed according with our cpu capabilities

  • Now Opencore has an bios entry to prevent others os updates corrupt osx boot

  • Remove deprecated values from Config.plist


  • Fixed brigthness keys(thanks to Kitsu Liu)

  • Fixed logo ridimensioning during boot

Post installation fix and patches

Fix Wifi

Download Itwlm kext here and put in EFI/OC/KEXT and enable in config.plist in Kernel>add>itlwm by set "TRUE" in "Enabled"

Download Heliport here and install it

Reboot and enjoy working Wi-Fi

Deleting clover footprints(for who come from Clover) Following this awesome guide
Fix alt and ctrl inverted

Go in settings>keyboard and click on "Modifier keys", invert options and command key. Voila!

Enable HIDPI (Many thanks to Xzhih)
 1 -  bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

 2 -  Select 1 Enable HIDPI

 3 -  Select 3 MacBook Pro

 4 -  Select 6 Manual input resolution 

 5 -  Insert: 2160x1440 1920x1280 1600x1066 1280x854 1080x720
Fix iCloud request login on every boot in settings
sudo -v
killall -9 accountsd
defaults delete MobileMeAccounts
rm -rf ~/Library/Accounts
killall -9 accountsd
sudo reboot
Fix sleep issues Disable some hibernation behaviours that not works well on hackintoshes
sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0
sudo rm -rf /private/var/vm/sleepimage
sudo touch /private/var/vm/sleepimage
sudo chflags uchg /private/var/vm/sleepimage
sudo pmset -a standby 0
sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0
sudo pmset -a powernap 0
sudo pmset -a proximitywake 0
sudo pmset -b tcpkeepalive 0
Fix Audio Jack(thanks to randomprofilename)
Since in my build i've  integrated verbstub kext, you have just to download Combojack and run in terminal, with this command(ensure you are in the extract folder where is located)

> ./

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