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Using SVG drawings to make light paintings using a custom large RGB light based non-orthongal plotter.

Do you want to make videos like this ???

Lichtfactor - Talk Talk Advert

But physically moving a light quickly is difficult for you?

We are building a system to help. It will allow you to animate on your laptop and have a mechansism do the physical moving of the lights.

This uses the following technologies:-

System Layout

You will prepare the animation and at shooting time set up a frame (we are prototyping with a 2.5m x 4m Chromakey background frame). Attach our vPlotter mounts, beaded cord and lights.


Our custon vPlotter Mount


Currently in Development.

The Proposed Process

  • Install our software and hardware on a raspberry pi
  • Use SVG editing software to draw your characters
  • Use inkscape etc. to layout your scenes
  • Use Anigen to animate those scenes
    • Line colours and widths should be picked up by the lights on the vplotter
  • Export the animation as zip file of indvidual frames
  • Set up our custom, large format light v-plotter, using our parts and a frame.
  • Set up camera and raspberry pi control box
  • Run through setup procedure in software
  • Using your laptop / tablet / phone you will then trigger each frame to be lightpainted whilst the camera takes the shot
  • The images are then compiled into a movie file.


Using SVG drawings to make light paintings using a large non-orthongal plotter.




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