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(Alexa Wookieepedia Info Skill)

Give your Amazon Echo / Dot the power of the Force! Chewy Logo

This skill will answer your Star Wars questions using Wookieepedia!

What's more it's super easy to remix this project to make Alexa answer the world's questions about your favourite game / movie / TV show etc.

This project demonstrates how to build an Alexa skill - no Amazon Echo required! It's a great project to learn the basics of creating Alexa Skills.

It uses Gabriel Pedro's node-wikia , which fetches data from Wookieepedia and can be remixed to work with any of the 360,000+ wikia fandom sites! So you can easily set up Alexa to answer questions on your favourite game in less than an hour.

Wookieepedia Logo

Chewy will be available for everyone to use on thier Echo / Dot very soon.

Remixing / Getting Started

To get started you need to:

  • Set up your Alexa skill in your Amazon developer account.

For simple instructions to build your own Alexa Wikia Skill, see

For more detailed setup instructions and how it works, see


This App is here to show you how easy it is to make your own digital solutions. It is part of EduMake's mission to help everyone learn how to make their own gadgets.


An Alexa Skill for Wookiepeedia



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