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Mote Light Painting

Using pimoroni motes to lightpaint bitmap images.

Squigy Thingy

Inspired by

  • the Pixel Stick which is around $350
  • the fact I have a full Mote kit that Pimoroni very kindly gave me for my 40th birthday and Motes are "Sticks of Pixels"

Light Arch



sudo aptitude install gphoto2 libgphoto2-dev git python-pip python-tk python-gtk2 sox

sudo pip install webcolors pillow pygubu mote gphoto2

git clone

cd mote_light_painting


So far being built for :-

  • Linux Machines
    • Originally planned for Raspberry Pi 3 but I'm running it on my Linux Mint Laptop
  • Mote
  • Canon EOS 1200D (optional) - Should work with most EOS models and most cameras gphoto2 can control. Nothing clever just triggering shutter release with the settings you have set on the camera.

Stick Stick Back

Other Hardware

  • Perspex stick, cut from this svg file
  • Screws to attach Mote sticks to the stick
  • If using Raspberry Pi - USB Battery Pack



If you are going to attach a Camera by USB make sure you have a "LightPaintings" folder in the same folder as the mote_light_painting folder.

sudo ./


  • Choose a file (there is a nice default spectrum if you are just testing)

  • "Reload" is useful for resetting to the beginning of an animated GIF

  • A message displays how wide the image should be (in cm)

  • The Graph shows your image as 64 pixels (the height of a full set of motes) over the draw time (so it will usually look stretched, don't worry its a graph)

  • We often end up needing to ignore pure white pixels, if you need them painting check the 'Paint White ?' box.

  • "Colour" lets you choose a single colour to paint with.

  • "End Colour" and the tick box allow you to set a changing colour pattern

  • The "Paint Black as..." takes black and paints it as the current "Colour" lets you paint silhouettes as light

  • The "Tween" will vary the colour painted from "Colour" to "End Colour" over the Repeats.

  • Ticking 'Control Camera' will try to capture a photo from you USB / PTP camera via gphoto2 (there is no error checking here at the mo, so if it freezes start again).

  • "Delay Time" is self explanatory.

  • "Draw Time" is how long it will take for your image to be drawn and will depend on the exposure time you are using.

  • "Repeats" set how many times the Delay/Draw cycle takes place. This should allow for nice light painted / stop motion effects.

  • The "Pixels" slider lets you change the height of your light brush.

  • Orientation controls

    • "Paint From Left" - The painting starts on the painters left (this should not effect the orientation of the painted image)
    • "Facing" - The if ticked and the screen is facing the painter the graph moves the same way as the painter does
    • "Flip" - Reverse the image
  • The "Draw" button :-

    • Blanks the Graph
    • Waits for any delay, drawing the progress on the Graph (if controlling a camera it adds 3 seconds after sending the camera trigger to give it enough time to start it properly)
    • Starts the camera's shot if 'Control Camera' is selected
    • Starts changing the lights.
    • Move the lights across the field of view of the camera. The Graph will redraw to give you a clue how far along you are.
    • If you have an animated gif file selected it will try to load the next frame.
    • The Draw process "Repeats" until it should end
    • On the last repeat, if 'Control Camera' is selected the image should pop up in a photo viewer


Using pimoroni motes to light paint bitmap images.




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