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This is a fork of the RXTX library with a focus on ease of use and embeddability in other libraries.

Some of the features we have added

  • A simplified serial port object called NRSerialPort. See below for an example.

  • Self-deployment of native libraries (all native code is stored inside the JAR and deployed at runtime). No more manual installation of native code.

  • Arm Cortex support (Gumstix).

  • Android Support (requires a rooted phone to access the serial hardware).

  • Single Makefile compile which simplifies the compilation of project binaries.

  • Gradle support for JAR creation.

  • Removal of partially-implemented RXTX code to streamline the library for just serial port access.

  • Full Eclipse integration for testing application code against sources.

  • RFC 2217 support provided by incorporating the jvser library.

And a bunch of bug fixes

  • Fixed the memory access error that causes OS X to crash the JVM when serial.close() is called.

  • Fixed the Windows serial port zombie bind that prevents re-accessing serial ports when exiting on an exception.

  • Fixed erroneous printouts of native library mis-match.

Dependency Management



Building the JAR

  1. Checkout the repository.

     $ git clone
  2. Build with Gradle.

     $ cd nrjavaserial
     $ gradle build

The resulting JAR will be found in the build/libs/ directory.

Building Native Code

Native code is built using the Makefile found in the root of the repository. After the native code is built, the JAR is rebuilt.

# Build both the 32- and 64-bit Windows binaries.
$ make windows

# Build the windows binaries on Linux via Wine.
$ make wine

# Build both the 32- and 64-bit Linux x86 binaries.
$make linux

# Build 32- or 64-bit Linux binaries, respectively.
$ make linux32
$ make linux64

# Build the binaries for all the supported ARM flavors (requires arm-linux-geabi-* packages)
$ make arm

# Build the OSX binaries.
$ make osx

# Build the PPC binaries.
$ make ppc

Building on Windows

You'll need some installation of GCC. We recommend the TDM-GCC distribution of mingw64-w64.

Building on OS X

We're pretty big on maintaining backwards compatibility as far as reasonable. Our OS X natives target OS X 10.5, so to build them, you'll need an appropriate SDK installed. This StackOverflow answer provides pointers for getting the appropriate SDK installed.

How to use NRSerialPort objects

for(String s:NRSerialPort.getAvailableSerialPorts()){
		System.out.println("Availible port: "+s);
String port = "COM3";
int baudRate = 115200;
NRSerialPort serial = new NRSerialPort(port, baudRate);

DataInputStream ins = new DataInputStream(serial.getInputStream());
DataOutputStream outs = new DataOutputStream(serial.getOutputStream());

byte b =;



A Java Serial Port system. This is a fork of the RXTX project that uses in jar loading of the native code.



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