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install chef-client on raspberry pi (raspbian).

Chef doesn't offer a omnibus chef-client for raspberry pi yet. This bootstrap script helps get around that by using ruby2.3 from Stretch and gem installing chef-client onto the node.

Before you start check the following:

  • your chef workstation environment is setup and ready with knife
  • your pi is on the network and you can login as root

This script has been tested against raspbian-jessie but should likely work gracefully for other linux systems.


knife bootstrap -t raspbian-jessie-gems.erb -x root address_of_your_pi

Or to sudo in via pi user if you don't have root access (I set up my ssh keys first)

knife bootstrap -t raspbian-jessie-gems.erb --ssh-user pi --sudo address_of_your_pi

A full on example of one that applies What I personally will be doing later for new Pi's is applying my d-base cookbook as part of default run list.

knife bootstrap -t raspbian-jessie-gems.erb --ssh-user pi --ssh-password '{{password}}' --sudo --node-name NODE_NAME_YOU_WANT --run-list 'recipe[d-base::default]'

Ramifications of using this script

  • pi's clock will be synchronized and pi running ntpd (network time protocol daemon).
  • /usr/local/bin/chef-client to run chef-client with right path for chef & ruby.

Credits and Contributors