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The site is a hosted collection of web tools that integrate with Google Apps. Together, they form a platform for making complex tasks easier, faster and more intuitive. Using the Google APIs, these tools enhance the functionality of the G-Suite apps (Drive, Sheets, Docs etc.). They are able to do this by requesting programmatic access (using OAuth 2.0) for you to various parts of your Google data, and then interacting with this data in your browser. A full list of the permissions that each app requests, and why they request it, can be found on our scopes page.

Each of the apps work independently and provide a particular set of features. Perhaps their most valuable asset is that they act as a transparent layer over the existing Google Services. All your data remains on your device, and the Google platform, nothing is ever sent to, or stored by, us. Nothing is specific or accessible only through these tools; they help you, they don't lock you in.

While principally designed for educators and the education sector, many of the tools are useful in all walks of life. It works on all your devices, requiring nothing more than a modern browser, so jump in and try them out.

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