We Are All Connected Youth Media Curriculum
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YPV Curriculum


The Open Urban-Rural Curriculum Project

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Gitter chat

Welcome! 😃

Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! Bem-vind@s!

Thank you for visiting the EVC We Are All Connected Curriculum repository!

What is this about?

Educational Video Center, a youth media organization with over 30 years of experience making documentaries with youth is working to develop an urban-rural curriculum to bring youth across cultures and continents together to make media projects.

Our curriculum is project-based, student-centered and grounded in social justice and civic engagement.

See the full curriculum here.


We need your input to develop this open curriculum as a resource to teach filmmaking in urban and rural communities around the world!!

Our urban-rural program, We Are All Connected, is currently working with youth in New York City and the Appalachian Mountain region of Tennessee to create collaborative documentary films.


Thanks for your interest in contributing to We Are All Connected! There are many ways to contribute.

There are several ways you can contribute to our open curriculum project.

Primary Goals for the Global Sprint:

  1. You can start by saying "hello" here and talking a little about yourself.

  2. Have you lived or worked in an urban and/or rural setting? Check out our urban and rural qualities chart. We'd love to get your evalutation and input: Google Docs or GitHub

  3. Contributors can share lesson plans, documents or other educational material you find useful in either our GOOGLE Contributor Resource Folder or our GITHUB Contributor Resource Folder

  4. Contributors can provide feedback on some of our annotated urban-rural lessons via Google Drive or our Github

  5. Are there any individuals or organizations that you feel we may want to learn more about? Potential collaborators? Let us know!

Hey, even if you are not getting involved, you could help a lot just by spreading the word about the project so others can join and help!! This link is a nice way of sharing. Thanks!!

Participation Guidelines

This project was built as part of the Mozilla Open Leadership Training 2018 and we are sticking to Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines here. Please report unacceptable behavior to Mary Grueser, EVC Director of Professional Development Programs at this email: mgrueser@evc.org.

Contact Us:

Mary Grueser, EVC Director of Professional Development: mgrueser@evc.org

Emmanuel Garcia, EVC Senior Media Coach: emmanuelgarciab@gmail.com

We also can also have a Gitter room chat here

Thank You!! 😃

Thank you so much for visiting the EVC We Are All Connected repository!!

Danke schön! Merci beaucoup! Gracias! Obrigad@!

We hope that you'll join us on this amazing journey to make collaborative media with rural communities.

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Join us at the Mozilla Global Sprint May 10-11, 2018! We'll be gathering in-person at sites around the world and online to collaborate on this project and learn from each other. Get your #mozsprint tickets now!

Global Sprint

Emmanuel and Mary will be sprinting at Trust for Public Land on May 10th in NYC from 9am-5pm EST. On Friday, May 11th Emmanuel and Mary will be available 9am-5pm EST.