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Clash Dash

Displays clan data in a graphical, easy to read form.

See for a sample set up.

Project Setup


Replace the clantag via the $clantag variable. Replace $token with a valid token obtained from


Runs update.php to get a specific clan's info.

  1. Set up a cron job to schedule the api calls periodically
  2. Enjoy


This script saves a file data/clan-info.json, containing 3 items:

  • Timestamp when script was run
  • Clan info
  • Full profile for each player in the clan

Note: This will result in ~50 API calls each time this script is run, which is why I do not call it directly on page load. (1) It's slow. (2) Your API calls may be blocked if called too frequently.

Additional Info

This site uses Chart.js charts, bootstrap, and PHP.

Feel free to open a new issue with ideas and suggestions.

Clash on!

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Complete Changelog

Update to V2.1 (7 May 2018)

  • Replaced curl with file_get_contents (mostly preference, but there are some php installations that don't have curl)
  • Removed the retry loop
  • Split config in separate file
  • Removed the API key from git (saw that its a base64 encoded JSON Web Token, best practice is to not include credentials publicly)

Thanks for this update @Jimbolino

Update to V2.0 (9 Feb 2018)

  • Upgraded from Bootstrap v4.0.0 beta to Bootstrap v 4.0.0
  • Layout enhancements with grid (CSS) - Breaks compatibility with Internet Explorer
  • Added minimal AngularJS (from CDN) to more easily update clan info DOM
  • Refactored code to utilize AngularJS instead of JQuery for updating elements on page
  • Charts now trim long player names
  • Current Donations chart now show Donations & Donations Received
  • Added ability to click charts to navigate to user profile

Bug Fixes in V2.0

  • Properly excluded inactive players from Current Donations chart
  • Fixed font "text-rendering: geometricPrecision;" to properly display the digit '2'