Documentation for the package Vehicle Physics Pro for Unity 3D
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Sources for the documentation at Vehicle Physics Pro. This repository contains the sources for the documentation site only.

Follow @VehiclePhysics for latest news and updates on the project.


Feedback, improvements and corrections to the docs are welcome, specially typo and grammar fixes. Feel free to submit your contributions via comments and/or pull requests.

Documents are plain markdown files. You don't need any special procedure for editing, just a text editor. Previewing the HTML result requires building the docs.

Building & previewing the docs

This is optional. Documentation sources are plain text files using the Markdown format.

The HTML documentation is built out of the md files using MkDocs:

  1. Ensure Python and pip are installed
  2. Install MkDocs: pip install mkdocs
  3. Install the Bootswatch themes: pip install mkdocs-bootswatch
  4. Install the Markdown extensions markdown-icons and mathjax.
  5. Clone the repository from GitHub
  6. Open a console at the repository folder, they type mkdocs serve
  7. Navigate to in your browser

Now you should see the documentation in your browser.