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Internet radio based on Esp8266 and VS1053. Will compile in Arduino IDE. New version 24-may-2017.


  • If you are using V2.4.0 of the core library: set IwIP Variant to "V1.4 Prebuilt" in the Tools of the IDE.
  • The radio will NOT play AACP streams.


  • Can connect to thousands of Internet radio stations that broadcast MP3 or Ogg audio streams.
  • Can connect to a standalone mp3 file on a server.
  • Can connect to a local mp3 file on SPIFFS.
  • Support for .m3u playlists.
  • Uses a minimal number of components; no Arduino required.
  • Handles bitrates up to 320 kbps.
  • Has a preset list of maximal 100 favorite radio stations in configuration file.
  • Configuration file can be edited through web interface.
  • Can be controlled by a tablet or other device through a build-in webserver.
  • Can be controlled over MQTT.
  • Can be controlled over Serial Input.
  • Optional one or three button control to skip to the next preset station.
  • The strongest available WiFi network is automatically selected.
  • Heavily commented source code, easy to add extra functionality.
  • Debug information through serial output.
  • 20 kB ring buffer to provide smooth playback.
  • SPIFFS filesystem used for configuration of WiFi SSIDs, passwords and small MP3-files.
  • Software update over WiFi possible (OTA).
  • Saves volume and preset station over restart.
  • Bass and treble control.
  • Configuration also possible if no WiFi connection can be established.
  • Can play iHeartRadio stations.

See documentation in pdf-file.

Last changes:

  • 10-feb-2022: Add redirection.
  • 05-apr-2018: Fixed crash when no known WiFi network was found.
  • 18-apr-2018: Work-around for wifi.connected() bug.
  • 31-may-2017: Volume indicator on display.
  • 26-may-2017: Correction playing .m3u playlists.
  • 24-may-2017: Correction. Do not skip first part of .mp3 file.
  • 11-may-2017: Convert UTF8 characters before display, thanks to everyb313.
  • 09-may-2017: Fixed issue on analog input.
  • 04-may-2017: Integrate iHeartRadio, thanks to NonaSuomy
  • 03-may-2017: Prevent to start inputstream if no network.
  • 26-feb-2017: Better output webinterface on preset change.
  • 01-feb-2017: Bugfix uploading files.
  • 30-jan-2017: Allow chunked transfer encoding of streams.
  • 23-jan-2017: Correction playlists.
  • 16-jan-2017: Correction playlists.
  • 02-jan-2017: Webinterface in PROGMEM.
  • 28-dec-2016: Add support for resume after stop.
  • 23-dec-2016: Add support for mp3 files on SPIFFS.
  • 15-nov-2016: Support for .m3u files.
  • 22-oct-2016: Correction mute/unmute.
  • 14-oct-2016: Update for AsyncMqttClient version 0.5.0. Added extra documentation for MQTT.
  • 11-oct-2016: Allow stations that do not specify bitrate. Allow standalone MP3s.
  • 04-oct-2016: Version with MQTT and configuration in radio.ini file.
  • 04-jul-2016: WiFi.disconnect clears old connection now (thanks to Juppit)
  • 27-may-2016: Fixed restore station at restart.
  • 26-may-2016: Bugfix BUTTON3 handling (if no TFT). Update pdf-document.
  • 23-may-2016: Bugfix EEPROM handling.
  • 17-may-2016: 3 button control over analog or digital input.
  • 13-may-2016: Better detection of Ogg streams.
  • 07-may-2016: Added selection of preset stations to sketch and web page.
  • 06-may-2016: Added hidden SSID, added feature to web page.
  • 04-may-2016, Allow stations like "".
  • 03-may-2016, Add bass/treble settings (see also new index.html).


Internet radio based on Esp8266 and VS1053.







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