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The Raster tool supports the Raster risk assessment method for unavailability risks to IT and telecom services.

The GitHub project only contains sources, and is for developers only. Unless you run MacOS and Xcode, you will not be able to use the files on GitHub. Without XCode it may be possible to build the tools using the scripts provided in the script directory; see doc/build and for some instructions.

Instead, for downloads, documentation, an online version and MacOS and Windows installation packages see:

  • see doc/ReleaseNotes.txt for recent changes
  • see doc/build and for installation instructions on the GitHub files
  • see doc/Project for instructions on configuring the server (intranet) version.
  • see doc/ for instructions on creating your own sets of icons for diagrams.

Depending on your installation type these documentation files may not be present.

Copyright (C) Eelco Vriezekolk, Universiteit Twente, Agentschap Telecom. See


Standalone and intranet tools supporting the Raster risk assessment method.