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stack.yaml Add haskell stack support Jun 28, 2018
toc.css Specify transparency in way Chrome understands. Feb 16, 2017



  cxxdraft-htmlgen parses the LaTeX sources of the draft,
  and generates static HTML pages from them.


  - A filesystem that supports punctuation in filenames
     (this may rule out Windows filesystems)
  - Git
  - The C++ Standard Draft Sources (
  - The Haskell Platform (
  - Graphviz
  - Node.js
  - mathjax-node-cli (


  With cabal, do:
    cabal build
    dist/build/cxxdraft-htmlgen/cxxdraft-htmlgen path/to/draft [sectionfilestyle]

  Or with stack, do:
    stack build
    stack exec cxxdraft-htmlgen path/to/draft [sectionfilestyle]

  The sectionfilestyle parameter is one of:

    Bare            (to generate e.g. intro.execution)
    WithExtension   (to generate e.g. intro.execution.html)
    InSubdir        (to generate e.g. intro.execution/index.html)

  The default is WithExtension, since this is suitable
  for direct browsing on a filesystem without a web server.

  Bare may be used in conjunction with web server configuration
  specifying a default text/html mime type for the directory
  containing the section pages, to get URLs such as:


  InSubdir only requires defaulting to index.html, to give:



  The following will be created in ./14882/ :

  - index.html    A table of contents with links to...

  - ~2300 interlinked section pages

    These are named after the section abbreviation, which for
    the Bare section file style look like:


    Since sections nest, content is duplicated at every level.
    This allows one to specify more or less context for a given
    section or paragraph citation. For example, one can link to:

      temp.dep            (section 14.6.2 "Dependent names")

      temp.res#temp.dep   (the same section highlighted on the
                           page for section 14.6 "Name resolution")

      temp#dep            (the same section highlighted on the
                           page for chapter 14 "Templates")

  - full         The entire document (~24 mbyte, or ~2 mbyte compressed).

  - 14882.css    Used by all of the above.

Hidden links

  On any page:

  - "Note:" and "Example:" tags are links that select the note (resp. example);

  - defined terms are links that select themselves;

  - a full stop at the end of a sentence is a link that selects the sentence;

  - moving the mouse over the right margin of a numbered paragraph reveals a link
    to the LaTeX source for that paragraph;

  - moving the mouse over the left margin of an itemdecl reveals a link
    that selects the itemdecl.


  - very long section names screw up layout
  - table is horribly
    wide due to lack of hyphenation
  - don't generate anchors with duplicate ids for index entries with
    the same key
  - in collapsed stylesheet, figure out how to not hide notes/examples
    when their sentences are selected
  - don't highlight re grammar in [re.grammar] as C++ code
  - don't highlight % in description of format strings (e.g. time#cal.month.nonmembers-11.sentence-3)
  - bad highlighting for escape codes (e.g. [lex.ccon]/7)
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