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Set Automatic Coercions Import.
Require Import List Bool.
Require Import util list_util stability containers.
Require Import CSetoids.
Require Import Morphisms.
Set Implicit Arguments.
Require Import EquivDec.
Require concrete.
Require Import CoLoR.Util.Vector.VecUtil.
Require Import hybrid.vector_setoid.
Require hybrid.nat_util.
Require Import hybrid.hlist_aux.
Module c := concrete.
Section contents.
Variable chs: concrete.System.
Record Space: Type :=
{ Region: Type
; Region_eq_dec: EquivDec.EqDec Region eq
; regions: ExhaustiveList Region
; NoDup_regions: NoDup regions
; in_region: Container (concrete.Point chs) Region
; in_region_mor: Proper (@cs_eq _ ==> eq ==> iff) in_region
; regions_cover: forall l p, c.invariant (l, p) -> DN (sig (in_region p))
Existing Instance in_region.
Existing Instance Region_eq_dec.
Existing Instance regions.
Existing Instance in_region_mor.
Section space_derivatives.
Variable p: Space.
Definition State := (concrete.Location chs * Region p)%type.
Definition region: State -> Region p := snd.
Definition location: State -> c.Location chs := fst.
Definition states: ExhaustiveList State := @ExhaustivePairList (concrete.Location chs) (Region p) _ _.
Lemma NoDup_states: NoDup (regions p) -> NoDup states.
Proof. apply NoDup_ExhaustivePairList, c.NoDup_locations. Qed.
End space_derivatives.
(* Given two sets of abstraction parameters, we can combine these to make
finer-grained abstraction parameters where each region corresponds to the
intersection of two regions of the respective abstraction parameters.
For instance, for a hybrid system whose continuous state space is the plane,
we could first define abstraction parameters with regions corresponding to X
intervals, then define abstraction parameters with regions corresponding to
Y intervals, and then finally combine these using param_prod below to
produce abstraction parameters with regions corresponding to squares. *)
Section prod_space.
Variables ap ap': Space.
Let in_region p r := in_region ap p (fst r) /\ in_region ap' p (snd r).
Let in_region_mor: Proper (@cs_eq _ ==> eq ==> iff) in_region.
Proof. unfold in_region. intros x x' e r r' e'. rewrite e, e'. split; auto. Qed.
Program Definition regions_cover_prod l p : concrete.invariant (l, p) -> DN (sig (in_region p)) :=
fun H =>
C1 <- contents.regions_cover ap l p H;
C2 <- contents.regions_cover ap' l p H;
return [=(`C1, `C2)=].
Next Obligation.
split; crunch.
Definition prod_space: Space := Build_Space _ _
(NoDup_ExhaustivePairList (NoDup_regions ap) (NoDup_regions ap'))
in_region_mor regions_cover_prod.
End prod_space.
(* We generalize the product space above from 2 to arbitrary 'n' dimensions,
hence generalizing abstraction by squares in 2 dimensional space to
abstraction by hyper-cubes in n-dimensional space *)
Section hyper_space.
Variable n : nat.
Variable aps : list Space.
(* [Regions] is formed by an n-product of [Region]s of respective [Space]s,
epxressed with heterogenous list *)
Notation Regions aps := (@hlist _ Region aps).
Fixpoint in_region_aux (aps : list Space) (p : concrete.Point chs) : Regions aps -> Prop :=
match aps as aps return Regions aps -> Prop with
| [] => fun _ => True
| s::ss => fun rs =>
in_region s p (hhd rs) /\ @in_region_aux ss p (htl rs)
Obligation Tactic := crunch.
Program Fixpoint regions_cover_aux (aps : list Space) l p :
concrete.invariant (l, p) -> DN (sig (@in_region_aux aps p)) :=
match aps with
| [] => fun H => return [= HNil (H:=_) =]
| s::ss => fun H =>
C1 <- contents.regions_cover s l p H;
C2 <- @regions_cover_aux ss l p H;
return [= `C1:::`C2 =]
Lemma in_region_aux_morph : Proper (@st_eq _ ==> eq ==> iff) (@in_region_aux aps).
Proof with auto.
repeat intro.
induction aps. firstorder.
split; intros [H0 H1]; split.
apply (in_region_mor a x y H (refl_equal _))...
apply IHl...
apply (in_region_mor a x y H (refl_equal _))...
apply IHl...
Obligation Tactic := program_simpl; auto with typeclass_instances.
Hint Resolve NoDup_regions.
Program Definition hyper_space : Space := @Build_Space (Regions aps) _ _ _
(@in_region_aux aps) in_region_aux_morph (@regions_cover_aux aps).
Next Obligation.
set (w := NoDup_ExhaustiveHList); simpl in w; apply w; auto.
End hyper_space.
Variable ap: Space.
Instance abs: Container (c.State chs) (State ap) := fun s s' =>
c.location s = location s' /\ c.point s ∈ region s'.
Hint Unfold abs.
Section CoverRelandsuch.
Context `{Container (c.State chs) C} `{Container (State ap) D} (cs: C) (ss: D).
Definition CompleteCover: Prop := forall s: c.State chs, s ∈ cs -> forall r: State ap, s ∈ r -> r ∈ ss.
Definition SharedCover: Prop := forall s: c.State chs, s ∈ cs -> DN (exists r: State ap, s ∈ r /\ r ∈ ss).
End CoverRelandsuch.
Definition CompleteCoverList (cs: c.State chs -> Prop): Type :=
sig (LazyProp ∘ (CompleteCover cs: list (State ap) -> Prop)).
Section safe.
(* We're looking for a set of abstract states... *)
Variables (reachable: State ap -> Prop)
(* ... that together cover concretely reachable states in a shared manner: *)
(reachable_respect: SharedCover concrete.reachable reachable).
(* Because then, abstract unreachability implies concrete unreachability *)
Lemma safe (s: concrete.State chs): (forall s', s ∈ s' -> ~ reachable s') -> ~ concrete.reachable s.
Proof with eauto.
unfold not.
apply DN_free, (DN_bind (reachable_respect H0))...
intros [s' [H1 H2]]...
(* And consequently, if abstract reachability is overestimatable, reachability of an
overestimatable concrete set is overestimatable: *)
Hint Unfold intersection overlap nonempty.
`(forall s, overestimation (reachable s))
(cstates: concrete.State chs -> Prop)
(astates: CompleteCoverList cstates).
Program Definition some_reachable_1: overestimation (overlap cstates concrete.reachable) :=
@overestimate (exists u, In u (proj1_sig astates) /\ reachable u) overestimate.
Next Obligation. Proof with eauto.
intros [x [Px r]].
apply (@safe x)...
repeat intro.
apply (@overestimation_false (exists u, In u (proj1_sig astates) /\ reachable u) _ H0)...
(* todo: ugly *)
destruct astates.
pose proof (c ())...
End safe.
Definition cont_trans (l: c.Location chs): relation (Region ap)
:= fun r r' => exists p q, p ∈ r /\ q ∈ r' /\ c.can_flow chs l p q.
Definition sharing_transition_overestimator (R: relation (concrete.State chs)): Type :=
forall s: State ap, sig (fun l: list (State ap) => LazyProp (NoDup l /\
SharedCover (concrete.invariant ∩ (overlap s ∘ util.flip R)) l)).
(* the invariant part is important because it means the overestimators can use
regions_cover in their correctness proofs (which we do actually need) *)
(* We define abstract versions of initiality, invariance, and guards, suitable
as overestimation predicates. *)
Definition Initial: State ap -> Prop := overlap (@concrete.initial chs).
Definition invariant: State ap -> Prop := overlap (@concrete.invariant chs).
Definition guard (l: concrete.Location chs) (r: Region ap) (l': concrete.Location chs): Prop
:= exists p, p ∈ r /\ concrete.guard _ (l, p) l'.
Record System: Type :=
{ initial_dec: overestimator (overlap (@concrete.initial chs))
; disc_trans_over: sharing_transition_overestimator (@concrete.disc_trans _)
; cont_trans_over: sharing_transition_overestimator (@concrete.cont_trans _)
Variable ahs: System.
Definition trans (b: bool): relation (State ap) :=
fun s1 s2 => s2 ∈ if b then proj1_sig (cont_trans_over ahs s1) else proj1_sig (disc_trans_over ahs s1).
Definition reachable (s: State ap): Prop :=
exists is: State ap,
overestimation_bool (initial_dec ahs is) = true /\ alternate trans is s.
Hint Unfold Initial predicate_container containers.intersection In.
Lemma reachable_alternating_concrete_abstract (i s: c.State chs):
concrete.initial i -> forall b, end_with (@concrete.trans_kind chs) b i s ->
DN (exists is, overestimation_bool (initial_dec ahs is) = true /\
exists s', s ∈ s' /\ end_with trans (negb b) is s').
Proof with eauto; auto 20.
intros H b H0.
induction H0 as [| b i (l, p) H0 IH [l' p']].
destruct s as [l cp].
apply (DN_fmap (regions_cover ap l cp (concrete.invariant_initial chs _ H))).
intros [x i].
exists (l, x).
apply overestimation_true.
exists (l, cp).
auto 20.
exists (l, x)...
apply (DN_bind (IH H)).
intros [ir [H2 [[al r] [[H3 H5] H4]]]]. clear IH.
apply (DN_exists (x := ir)).
apply (DN_liftM2 (@conj _ _))...
simpl in H3. subst.
cut (DN (exists r0, In p' r0 /\ trans (negb b) (al, r) (l', r0))).
apply (DN_fmap H3).
intros [x [H6 H7]].
exists (l', x).
eauto 30.
destruct b; simpl in H0 |- *.
unfold trans.
destruct (disc_trans_over ahs (al, r)).
destruct l...
unfold SharedCover in H6.
unfold In at 1 in H6.
unfold predicate_container in H6.
simpl in H1.
cut (DN (exists r: State ap, In (l', p') r /\ In r x)).
apply (DN_fmap H7).
destruct H8.
destruct H8.
exists (region x0).
destruct H8.
destruct x0.
simpl in H8. subst...
apply H6.
destruct H1. intuition.
exists (al, p)...
unfold trans.
destruct cont_trans_over.
destruct l...
unfold SharedCover, In, predicate_container in H6.
simpl in H1.
cut (DN (exists r : State ap, (l', p') ∈ r /\ r ∈ x)).
apply (DN_fmap H7). clear H7.
intros [x0 [[H7 H9] H8]].
exists (region x0).
simpl in H7. subst.
destruct x0...
apply H6.
apply concrete.reachable_invariant.
apply -> concrete.alternating_reachable.
exists i.
unfold alternate.
exists false.
exists (al, p)...
Hint Unfold alternate.
Lemma reachable_respect: SharedCover concrete.reachable reachable.
unfold SharedCover.
apply concrete.alternating_reachable in H.
destruct H as [s' [H0 [x0 H1]]].
apply (DN_fmap (@reachable_alternating_concrete_abstract s' s H0 x0 H1)).
intros [x [y [A [B C]]]].
unfold reachable.
eauto 10.
Definition some_reachable_2 := @some_reachable_1 reachable reachable_respect.
End contents.
Existing Instance in_region.
Existing Instance Region_eq_dec.
Existing Instance regions.
Existing Instance in_region_mor.