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Require Import List Bool util list_util.
Require abstract digraph.
Require Import EquivDec.
Set Implicit Arguments.
Local Open Scope type_scope.
Section using_duplication.
(chs: concrete.System)
(ap: abstract.Space chs)
(ahs: abstract.System ap).
Let Vertex : Type := bool * abstract.State ap.
Definition nexts (v: Vertex): list (abstract.State ap) :=
let (k, s) := v in
if k then ` (abstract.cont_trans_over ahs s)
else ` (abstract.disc_trans_over ahs s).
Definition edges (v: Vertex): list Vertex := map (pair (negb (fst v))) (nexts v).
Lemma NoDup_edges v: NoDup (edges v).
Proof with auto; try congruence.
revert v.
intros [k [l r]].
apply NoDup_map...
unfold nexts.
destruct k.
destruct abstract.cont_trans_over. simpl. destruct l0...
destruct abstract.disc_trans_over. simpl. destruct l0...
Definition g: digraph.DiGraph :=
@digraph.Build (bool * abstract.State ap) _ _ edges NoDup_edges.
Lemma edges_match_transitions y b x: In y (nexts (b, x)) <-> abstract.trans ahs b x y.
Proof with auto.
destruct y as [l' r'].
destruct x as [l r]. simpl.
split; destruct b...
Lemma paths_match_traces x y:
(exists b, trans_refl_closure.R (digraph.edge g) (b, x) y) <->
end_with (abstract.trans ahs) (negb (fst y)) x (snd y).
Proof with auto.
intros [b r].
replace x with (snd (b, x))...
set (b, x) in *.
clearbody p.
clear b.
induction r...
destruct (fst (in_map_iff _ _ _) H) as [x0 [A B]]. clear H.
subst. simpl.
rewrite negb_involutive.
apply (end_with_next _ IHr).
apply (edges_match_transitions x0 (fst b) (snd b))...
destruct b...
destruct y.
generalize b. clear b.
cut (forall b, end_with (abstract.trans ahs) b x s -> exists b0, trans_refl_closure.R (digraph.edge g) ((b0, x): digraph.Vertex g) (negb b, s)).
rewrite <- (negb_involutive b)...
intros b r.
induction r.
unfold digraph.reachable.
exists (negb b)...
unfold digraph.reachable in *.
destruct IHr.
rewrite negb_involutive in H0.
exists x0.
apply (@trans_refl_closure.step _ (fun v w : digraph.Vertex g => In w (digraph.edges v)) (x0, x) (b, y) (negb b, z) H0).
unfold digraph.edges.
unfold edges.
simpl negb.
apply in_map.
apply <- edges_match_transitions...
Hint Unfold In.
Definition init_verts: list Vertex :=
filter (fun v: Vertex => overestimation_bool (abstract.initial_dec ahs (snd v)))
Theorem respect: forall s: abstract.State ap,
abstract.reachable ahs s <-> exists k, @digraph.reachable g init_verts (k, s).
Proof with auto.
unfold abstract.reachable.
intros [x [H [x0 H0]]].
rewrite <- (negb_involutive x0) in H0.
destruct (snd (paths_match_traces x (_, _)) H0).
unfold digraph.reachable, init_verts.
exists (negb x0) (x1, x).
auto using in_filter.
intros [k [v [vi R]]].
exists (snd v).
unfold init_verts in vi.
apply filter_In in vi.
destruct vi.
unfold alternate.
exists (negb k).
apply (paths_match_traces (snd v) (k, s)).
destruct v.
Hint Unfold init_verts.
Lemma NoDup_init_verts : NoDup init_verts.
Proof with auto; try congruence.
unfold init_verts.
apply NoDup_filter.
apply NoDup_ExhaustivePairList.
apply NoDup_bools.
apply abstract.NoDup_states.
apply abstract.NoDup_regions.
Program Let reachable_verts := digraph.reachables g NoDup_init_verts.
(* Having this as a separate definition is critical for efficiency. *)
Hint Resolve in_filter.
Definition state_reachable: decider (abstract.reachable ahs).
Proof with auto.
intro s.
apply (@equivalent_decision (exists b, In (b, s) (`reachable_verts))).
intros [x H].
destruct reachable_verts.
apply <- respect.
exists x.
apply -> i...
apply respect in H.
destruct H.
destruct H.
exists x.
destruct @reachable_verts.
simpl proj1_sig.
apply <- i.
unfold digraph.reachable...
apply (@decide_exists bool _ _).
apply (@In_decision _ _ _).
(* todo: this last goal is just instance resolution but it appears to diverge *)
(* Program Let state_reachable: decider (abstract.reachable ahs) :=
fun s => @equivalent_decision (exists b, In (b, s) (`reachable_verts)) _ _ decide.
Definition some_reachable := abstract.some_reachable_2 (decider_to_overestimator _ state_reachable).
End using_duplication.