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Require Import hybrid.hypergeometry.
Require Import hybrid.util.
Require Import hybrid.c_util.
Require Import hybrid.hlist_aux.
Require Import hybrid.square_abstraction.
Require Import hybrid.vector_setoid.
Require Import hybrid.monotonic_flow.
Require Import hybrid.stability.
Require Import CoLoR.Util.Vector.VecUtil.
Set Implicit Arguments.
Open Scope CR_scope.
Section contents.
(* Let's fix a dimension *)
Variable n : nat.
Definition forallDim (F : forall i, (i < n)%nat -> Type) :=
forall i (ip : (i < n)%nat), F i ip.
(* If one has a concrete hybrid system.. *)
Variable chs : concrete.System.
(* .. and points in that system basically correspond to points in the plane.. *)
Notation proj_morpher :=
(morpher (@st_eq (concrete.Point chs) ==> @st_eq CRasCSetoid)%signature).
Variable proj : vector proj_morpher n.
Hypothesis xyp : HyperPoint n -> concrete.Point chs.
Definition pxy (p : concrete.Point chs) : HyperPoint n :=
Vmap (fun pi : proj_morpher => pi p) proj.
(xyp_pxy: forall p, xyp (pxy p) = p)
(* TODO: should we split this condition into separate dimensions, like in square_abstraction? *)
(pxy_xyp: forall p, pxy (xyp p) = p).
(* .. and flow in that system is separable over the two axes.. *)
(flows : concrete.Location chs -> vector (Flow CRasCSetoid) n)
(flow_inv : concrete.Location chs ->
forall i (ip : (i < n)%nat), OpenRange -> OpenRange -> OpenRange)
(flow_inv_correct : forall l,
forallDim (fun i ip => range_flow_inv_spec (Vnth (flows l) ip) (flow_inv l ip)))
(flow_separable : forall l p t,
concrete.flow chs l p t = xyp (vector_flow (flows l) (pxy p) t)).
(* .. and on both axes, abstraction parameters can be formed based on
OpenRange regions.. *)
Context (A : Set) (B : A -> Set).
(intervals : vector A n)
(intervals_eq_dec : forall x, EquivDec.EqDec (B x) eq)
(intervals_enum : forall x, ExhaustiveList (B x))
(intervals_NoDup : forall x, NoDup (intervals_enum x))
(intervals_range : forallDim (fun i ip => B (Vnth intervals ip) -> OpenQRange))
(absInterval : forall (l : concrete.Location chs) (p : concrete.Point chs), concrete.invariant (l, p) ->
forallDim (fun i ip =>
DN { int : B (Vnth intervals ip) | in_orange (intervals_range i ip int) (Vnth (pxy p) ip)}
Definition ap_inv_DN :
forall (i : nat) (ip : (i < n)%nat) (l : concrete.Location chs) (p : concrete.Point chs),
concrete.invariant (l, p) ->
DN {i : B (Vnth intervals ip) | in_orange (intervals_range ip i) (Vnth proj ip p)}.
intros. set (w := absInterval l p H (ip:=ip)). simpl in w.
unfold pxy in w. rewrite Vnth_map in w. exact w.
Definition ap : abstract.Space chs :=
(list_of_vec (Vbuild (fun i (ip : (i < n)%nat) => chs (Vnth proj ip) (intervals_NoDup _) (intervals_range _) (@ap_inv_DN i ip)
Definition region2range :
forall (i : nat) (ip : (i < n)%nat),
(Vnth (Vbuild (fun i (ip : (i < n)%nat) => chs (Vnth proj ip) (intervals_NoDup _) (intervals_range _) (@ap_inv_DN i ip)
)) ip) -> OpenQRange.
rewrite Vbuild_nth in X.
exact (intervals_range ip X).
Definition square : abstract.Region ap -> OpenQHCube n :=
hlist_map _ region2range.
(* .. then we can define useful things.
For instance, we can easily make an invariant overestimator
(if one's invariant can be overestimated by a list of open squares): *)
Section invariant_overestimator.
Variable invariant_squares :
forall l : concrete.Location chs,
{ s : OpenHCube n | forall p, concrete.invariant (l, p) -> in_ohypercube (pxy p) s }.
Program Definition make_invariant_overestimator : overestimator (@abstract.invariant _ ap) := _.
Admit Obligations.
(* fun li => overestimate_osquares_overlap eps (invariant_squares (fst li)) (square (snd li)).*)
End invariant_overestimator.
(* Similarly, if one's initial condition can be overestimated by
an open square, we can make an initial_dec thingy. *)
Section make_initial_overestimator.
(initial_location : concrete.Location chs)
(initial_square : OpenHCube n)
(initial_representative : forall s, concrete.initial s ->
fst s = initial_location /\ in_ohypercube (pxy (snd s)) initial_square).
Program Definition make_initial_overestimator (eps : Qpos) : overestimator (@abstract.Initial _ ap) :=
fun s => _.
Admit Obligations.
(overestimate_conj (overestimate_osquares_overlap eps (initial_square) (square (snd s)))
(decision_overestimation (concrete.Location_eq_dec chs (fst s) initial_location))).
End make_initial_overestimator.
(* And similarly, if one's guard conditions can be overestimated by
open squares, we can make a guard_dec thingy. *)
Section make_guard_overestimator.
Definition GuardSquare l l' :=
{ s : option (OpenHCube n) | forall p, concrete.guard chs (l, p) l' ->
match s with
| None => False
| Some v => in_ohypercube (pxy p) v
Program Definition guard_dec (guard_square : forall l l', GuardSquare l l') (eps : Qpos) :
overestimator (@abstract.guard _ ap) :=
Admit Obligations.
fun l r l' =>
match guard_square l l' with
| Some s => overestimate_osquares_overlap eps s (square r)
| None => false
End make_guard_overestimator.
(* If the safety condition can be overestimated by a list of unsafe
osquares, then we can select the unsafe abstract states automatically: *)
Section square_safety.
(unsafe_concrete : concrete.State chs -> Prop)
(unsafe_squares : concrete.Location chs -> list (OpenHCube n))
(unsafe_squares_correct: forall s, unsafe_concrete s -> exists q,
In q (unsafe_squares (fst s)) /\ in_ohypercube (pxy (snd s)) q)
(eps: Qpos).
Program Definition unsafe_abstract : abstract.CompleteCoverList ap unsafe_concrete :=
:= flat_map (fun l => map (pair l) (flat_map (fun q =>
filter (fun s => overestimate_osquares_overlap eps q (square s)) exhaustive_list
) (unsafe_squares l))) (concrete.locations chs).
Admit Obligations.
End square_safety.
(* Everything above is pretty simplistic. We now prepare for more complex
transition overestimators, for which we will require some more stuff: *)
Let reset_function := concrete.Location chs -> concrete.Location chs -> Reset.
(invariant_overestimator : overestimator (@abstract.invariant _ ap))
(guard_decider : overestimator (@abstract.guard _ ap))
(reset : vector reset_function n)
(reset_components : forall p l l',
pxy (concrete.reset chs l l' p) =
Vmap2 (fun resetF => apply_Reset (resetF l l')) reset (pxy p)).
Section disc_trans_regions.
Variables (eps: Qpos) (l l': concrete.Location chs) (r: abstract.Region ap).
Definition map_orange' (f: sigT increasing): OpenRange -> OpenRange
:= let (_, y) := f in map_orange y.
Definition x_regions :=
match reset_x l l' with
| Reset_const c => filter (fun r' => overestimate_oranges_overlap eps
(* (map_orange' (increasing_const' c) (Xinterval_range (fst r))) (Xinterval_range r')) Xintervals *)
(unit_range c: OpenRange) (Xinterval_range r')) Xintervals
| Reset_map f => filter (fun r' => overestimate_oranges_overlap eps
(map_orange' f (Xinterval_range (fst r))) (Xinterval_range r')) Xintervals
| Reset_id => [fst r] (* x reset is id, so we can only remain in this x range *)
Definition y_regions :=
match reset_y l l' with
| Reset_const c => filter (fun r' => overestimate_oranges_overlap eps
(unit_range c: OpenRange) (Yinterval_range r')) Yintervals
| Reset_map f => filter (fun r' => overestimate_oranges_overlap eps
(map_orange' f (Yinterval_range (snd r))) (Yinterval_range r')) Yintervals
| Reset_id => [snd r] (* x reset is id, so we can only remain in this x range *)
Definition disc_trans_regions: list (abstract.Region ap)
if overestimation_bool (guard_decider l r l') &&
overestimation_bool (invariant_overestimator (l, r)) then
filter (fun s => overestimation_bool (invariant_overestimator (l', s))) (cart x_regions y_regions)
else [].
End disc_trans_regions.
Definition raw_disc_trans (eps: Qpos) (s: abstract.State ap): list (abstract.State ap) :=
let (l, r) := s in
flat_map (fun l' => map (pair l') (disc_trans_regions eps l l' r)) (concrete.locations chs).
Lemma NoDup_disc_trans eps s: NoDup (raw_disc_trans eps s).
Hint Resolve in_map_orange.
Definition is_id_reset (r: Reset): bool :=
match r with
| Reset_id => true
| _ => false
Hint Unfold abstract.invariant abstract.guard.
Lemma respects_disc (eps: Qpos) (s1 s2 : concrete.State chs):
concrete.disc_trans s1 s2 -> forall i1, abstract.in_region ap (snd s1) i1 ->
DN (exists i2, abstract.in_region ap (snd s2) i2 /\
In (fst s2, i2) (raw_disc_trans eps (fst s1, i1))).
Program Definition disc_trans: Qpos ->
abstract.sharing_transition_overestimator ap (@concrete.disc_trans chs) := raw_disc_trans.
Program Definition cont_trans_cond_dec eps l r r':
overestimation (abstract.cont_trans ap l r r') :=
(xflow_invr l) (yflow_invr l) (square r) (square r') eps &&
invariant_overestimator (l, r) &&
invariant_overestimator (l, r').
End contents.
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