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(* Doubly-negated types as a monad: *)
Definition DN (T: Type): Prop := (T -> False) -> False.
Hint Unfold DN.
Definition DN_return {T: Type}: T -> DN T :=
fun x f => f x.
Notation "'return' x" := (DN_return x) (at level 30).
Hint Resolve @DN_return.
Definition DN_bind {A: Type}: DN A -> forall B, (A -> DN B) -> DN B :=
fun X Y Z P => X (fun a => Z a P).
Notation "x <- e ; t" := (DN_bind e _ (fun x => t)) (right associativity, at level 60).
Definition ext_eq: Prop := forall (A B: Type) (f g: A -> B), (forall x, f x = g x) -> f = g.
Lemma DN_runit: ext_eq -> forall A (x: DN A),
DN_bind x _ DN_return = x.
cut (forall y y', y = y' -> x y = x y'). firstorder.
Lemma DN_lunit: ext_eq -> forall A B (a: A) (f: A -> DN B),
DN_bind (DN_return a) _ f = f a.
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Lemma DN_assoc A B C (a: DN A) (f: A -> DN B) (g: B -> DN C):
DN_bind (DN_bind a _ f) _ g = DN_bind a _ (fun x => DN_bind (f x) _ g).
Proof. reflexivity. Qed.
Lemma DN_fmap {A: Type}: DN A -> forall B, (A -> B) -> DN B.
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Lemma DN_liftM2 {A B C: Type} (f: A -> B -> C): DN A -> DN B -> DN C.
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
(* todo: this is a specialization for DN. make a normal monadic version *)
Lemma DN_exists {T: Type} {P: T -> Prop} {x: T}: DN (P x) -> DN (ex P).
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Inductive Stable P := mkStable: (DN P -> P) -> Stable P.
(* Using an Inductive gets us universe polymorphism, which the following
simpler alternative does not provide: *)
(* Definition Stable P := DN P -> P. *)
Lemma DN_apply {T: Type}: DN T -> forall P, Stable P -> (T -> P) -> P.
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Lemma DN_free P: Stable P -> DN P -> P.
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Lemma Stable_neg (P: Prop): Stable (~P).
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Lemma Stable_False: Stable False.
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Lemma Stable_True: Stable True.
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Hint Immediate Stable_False Stable_True.
Lemma stable_conjunction (A B: Prop): Stable A -> Stable B -> Stable (A /\ B).
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Hint Resolve stable_conjunction.
Lemma forall_stable (T: Type) (P: T -> Type): (forall x, Stable (P x)) -> Stable (forall x, P x).
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Hint Resolve forall_stable.
Require Import util.
Lemma decision_stable P: decision P -> Stable P.
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Require Import CRreal Classic.
Lemma Qle_dec x y: decision (Qle x y).
destruct (Qlt_le_dec y x); [right | left]; [apply Qlt_not_le |]; assumption.
(* Todo: Don't I have this elsewhere? *)
(* Everything is decidable in DN: *)
Lemma DN_decision (P: Prop): DN (decision P).
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Lemma DN_decisionT (P: Type): DN (P + (P->False)).
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Lemma CRnonNeg_stable x: Stable (CRnonNeg x).
Proof with auto.
unfold CRnonNeg.
destruct (Qle_dec (-e) (approximate x e))...
elimtype False...
Hint Resolve CRnonNeg_stable.
Lemma CRle_stable (x y: CR): Stable (CRle x y).
Proof. unfold CRle. auto. Qed.
Hint Resolve CRle_stable.
Lemma CReq_stable (x y: CR): Stable (x == y)%CR.
unfold st_eq. simpl.
unfold regFunEq, ball. simpl.
unfold Qmetric.Qball, AbsSmall.
auto using decision_stable, Qle_dec.
Open Local Scope CR_scope.
Lemma DN_or P Q: Not ((Not P) /\ (Not Q)) -> DN (P + Q).
Proof. firstorder. Qed.
Coercion COr_to_sum A B (x: COr A B): A + B :=
match x with
| Cinleft y => inl y
| Cinright y => inr y
Definition not_forall_exists_not_DN (T: Type) (P: T -> Prop) (Pd: forall x, P x \/ ~ P x):
(~ forall x, P x) -> DN (exists x, ~ P x).
Proof. firstorder. Qed.