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Fetches data from a public API and displays them in a grid like system. Displays additional data based on cards clicked
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Public API requests

This is an app for a fictional company called Awesome Startup, a distributed company with remote employees working all over the world. They need a smart way for employees to share contact information with each other.

Uses Fetch

It uses the Random User Generator API ( to grab information using Fetch for x number of random “employees,” and use that data to build a prototype for an Awesome Startup employee directory.

Requests a JSON object from the API and parses the data so that 12 employees are listed in a grid with their thumbnail image, full name, email, and location. Clicking the employee’s image or name will open a modal window with more detailed information, such as the employee’s birthday and address.

Search using lowercase

When searching use lowercase letters.

Style changes

1-Background colors changed on the cards and modal to blu gradiant. 2-Border radius on the pictures has been changed from 50% to 20%.

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