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100 Days Of Code - Log

Day 1: August 17, Friday

Today's Progress: I've created a new Hugo blog, amended the theme, deployed it and written a blog post.

Thoughts I am liking Hugo and how fast it is. I'd be nice to have my own theme but I fell in love with the one I installed. Furthermore, it was nice to write a new post, I haven't written one in weeks.

Link(s) to work

  1. New website
  2. Blog post - Deploy and host Hugo on Netlify

Day 2: August 18, Saturday

Today's Progress: Added twitter cards to the blog so it would help drive traffic to the website and created The Good Place REST API with demo site

Thoughts I remember when I was doing random quotes generator task for FCC in the beginnings and it took me days to finish. Now, I have created a front end AND the API from scratch in couple of hours. And most of the time I spent on it, was to collect the quotes. Progress' real.

Link(s) to work

  1. The Good Place quote API and source code
  2. Demo site for The Good Place API

Day 3: August 20, Monday

Today's Progress: I started a new project - dashboard for all my heroku apps

Thoughts It was easier than anticipated, the API is really good. I had some troubles with promises but solved it. Currently stuck on design - it looks terrible atm but I started looking into CSS Grid. This is a perfect project to test it out on.

Link(s) to work n/a

Day 4: August 21, Tuesday

Today's Progress: wrote a draft for a new blog post

Thoughts none

Link(s) to work n/a

Day 5: August 22, Wednesday

Today's Progress: Watched videos on cyber security

Thoughts Still on the beginner level so it's very high level and I haven't really learned that much. Pretty much everything is someghing that I already knew or something that is pretty obvious. Still, cannot wait to continue and see what intermediate and advanced level have got to offer.

Link(s) to work Pluralsight's Security for Hackers and Developers: Overview

Day 6: August 23, Thursday

Today's Progress: Worked on a new blog post about clean code

Thoughts Ugh, missing last two examples but I'm too lazy to think of them. I'll finish them tmrw.

Link(s) to work not yet

Day 7: August 24, Friday

Today's Progress: Went ahead and added GraphQl to Good Place REST API I created on day 2 and created a demo app for graphQL so demonstrate how to make request to graphQL enpoint.

Thoughts I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to query graphQL on client side. For some reason I expected something more difficult. Anyway, the API is now in a good place (pun not intended), I should maybe think about looking for some graphQL APIs list or something similar to showcase it to more people. Demo app picked up quite nicely, it was featured at glicth's weekly top app list. If I could do the same for API, it'd be nice.

Link(s) to work

  1. The Good Place quote GraphQL API and source code
  2. Demo site for The Good Place GraphQL API
  3. Published article on Clean Code