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Eficode Academy - Ruby on Rails - Intermediate

Welcome to Ruby on Rails Intermediate course provided by Eficode Academy!

About the course

Course Chat

We also have a chatroom in Campfire for the course. All the participants should have received a personal email invitation. If you haven't got an account and want one, contact your teacher.

Forking the repository

On this course everyone should make their own fork of the teachers' repository, and do their work there. This way we can also keep track of homework assignments.

If you were present in session 1, you should have this part done already.

  1. Open https://github.com/Eficode/rails-int-hh in your browser
  2. Click the "Fork" button. Github should now start forking the repository.
  3. You should now be taken to the homepage of your own fork. This is the one you should clone to do your work.

After cloning the repository, change to project directory and execute these commands:

# Install missing package dependencies (Gems)
bundle install

# Run latest Database migrations
rake db:migrate

What if I missed the session or some code?

You can at any point make a new fork of the teachers' repository, as described in the last section. The master branch of the teachers' repo will include the previous week's codebase.

Homework Exercises

Homework exercises should be pushed to your own forked repository. Whenever you are finished with a homework exercise, you will need to do a Pull request.

  1. Make sure all your changes are committed and pushed
  2. In Github, go to your repository page and click "Pull request"
  3. Enter the session/week number to the title field, for example the first week's exercise should have title "Session 1".
  4. You can also send a message to the teachers by adding it to the description field.
  5. Click "Send pull request"


Session 1: Configuration. Testing. Gems.


Session 2: Authentication and Authorization


Session 3: JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax


Session 4: Many-to-many associations. Web services.


Session 5: ActionMailer & I18n


Session 6: Security on Rails


Session 7: Performance and Caching