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An R interface to access some of NASA's API's

Imagery and Assets API 📡 🌎

NASA's Imagery and Assets API can be found here.

This API intends to open access to pan-sharpened Landsat 8 imagery hosted in Google Earth Engine. The API endpoint returns an image URL and some metadata. This package essentially wraps the call, parses the json and plots the image via rasterImage.

There are still a lot of improvements to be done! Any suggestions are appreciated at twitter: @eflores89 or issues.

EONET Webservice 📌 🚨

The official documentation of NASA's Earth Observatory Nature Event Tracker (EONET) Webservice v2.1 can be found here.

In NASA's words:

The Earth Observatory Natural Event Tracker (EONET) is a prototype web service with the goal of:

  1. providing a curated source of continuously updated natural event metadata;
  2. providing a service that links those natural events to thematically-related web service-enabled image sources (e.g., via WMS, WMTS, etc.).

I really recommend getting to know the service through the official documentation before using nasadata.

In short, this packages reads from the webservice, parses the data and returns it in various R friendly formats (data.frames and lists). It can thus be used for a range of applications.

Further documentation