A safe, Html wallet for Bismuth Cryptocurrency.
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A safe, Html wallet for Bismuth Cryptocurrency. Be safe!

See also the Offline Bismuth Address generator, for cold wallets.

Project Goal

To handle all of the crypto client side, in javascript.


  • Streamlined HTML interface

  • Skins and translations

  • Usable from github, from a local computer

  • Embeddable as a mobile app

  • Private key in local storage only, import/export.

  • Also allows cold wallets that only connect to a node when sending BIS, and does not share private key.

Help Appreciated

You have HTML and JS knowledge and want to be part of the journey? Get in touch!

See Roadmap

About Bismuth


Donations are welcome and will be used for this project specifically: 0ee5609ee98f329b378d6a520afc8dec56092511ddc7ae00e0b790ce