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start=$(date +%s.%N)
url="${}" # Establishing the argument as a variable
cleanurl # snipping off what is not a domain, if there is any.
# Take advantage of processes captured in filedescriptors and call whois.
exec {fdwhois}< <(whois "$domain") # get whois data (in background).
#echo "started whois $($date)"
# Initiate the call to `host -t any`.
# May get all domain records in one call ("if supported by the site").
exec {fdrr}< <(host -t "any" "$domain")
#echo "started any $($date)"
${fdrr+false} || { rr=$(cat <&${fdrr}); exec {fdrr}<&- ; }
if [[ $rr =~ "Please stop asking for ANY" ]]; then
# Call for ANY resource records failed,
# we need to call each record manually.
exec {fdns}< <(host -t "ns" "$domain")
exec {fda}< <(host -t "a" "$domain")
exec {fdmx}< <(host -t "mx" "$domain")
gethost # get Resource Records for the domain (from any).
# read output of get file descriptors into variables and close each fd.
${fdns+false} || { nameserver=$(cat <&${fdns}); exec {fdns}<&- ; }
${fda+false} || { address=$(cat <&${fda} ); exec {fda}<&- ; }
${fdmx+false} || { mx=$(cat <&${fdmx}); exec {fdmx}<&- ; }
${fdwi+false} || { whoisdata=$(cat <&${fdwi}); exec {fdwi}<&- ; }
# echo "host variables read $($date)"
# read output of whois file descriptor into variables and close the fd.
${fdwhois+false} || { whoisdata=$(cat <&${fdwhois}); exec {fdwhois}<&- ; }
# echo "whois data read $($date)"
printingresults # Pretty print the results.
cleanurl(){ # Convert a possible url into a dns domain.
### Remove `http(s)://` and `www.` and anything after `/`.
[[ $url =~ ^(http(s)?://)?(www.)?([^/]*) ]]
[[ ! $domain ]] && { echo "Invalid domain supplied"; exit 1; }
selecttype(){ # select lines that match the type of record.
printf '%s' "$rr"| awk -v type="$1" '($0~type){print}'
gethost(){ # get Resource Records for the domain (from any).
# Select each type of "Resource Records":
nameserver="$(selecttype "name server")"
address="$(selecttype "address")"
mx="$(selecttype "mail is handled by")"
soa="$(selecttype "has SOA record")"
txt="$(selecttype "descriptive text")"
printingresults(){ # Pretty print the results from the code.
#Establishing color codes.
BT=$(tput bold)
NT=$(tput sgr0)
# printing the variables to the terminal and plain text for readability.
lines=("Simplified DNS Record Information for")
lines+=("Below is my best attempt at finding the Registrar info")
lines+=("A Records")
lines+=("MX Records")
lines+=("SOA Records")
lines+=("TXT Records")
madeby="${purple}Made by Noah Yamamoto${NC}\n"
end=$(date +%s.%N)
reg=$(whois "$domain" | grep -Ei '^[[:blank:]]+.*:[[:blank:]]' | sed -e 's/^[[:space:]]*//')
reginfo=$(sed '/^Domain/d;/^Referral/d;/^Whois/d;/^Sponsoring/d' <<<"$reg")
runtime=$(echo -e "$end - $start" | bc -l )
howlong="${purple}Your search took: $runtime seconds.${NC}\n"
printline="$(printf "${cyan}%s:\n${white}%%s\n\n" "${lines[@]}"; printf "${cyan}${NT}$howlong${purple}${BT}$madeby")"
printf "$printline\n" "$domain" "$reginfo" "$nameserver" "$address" "$mx" "$soa" "$txt"
main "$@"