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EGYPT (EGY) is the First Gold-backed Digital Currency that carry my country name Egypt. Every cryptocurrency is not backed with a real asset is a loss for investor’s money for nothing. EGYPT (EGY) is a Gold-backed Digital Currency which means no loss for investors.

Technical Information

Name: EGYPT Symbol: EGY Price: 1 EGY = 0.1 US Dollar Total supply: 1000000000 EGY Total EGY for public: 650000000 EGY Token Decimals: 18 ERC20 Contract: 0xC6B948f81aC3399db13BcfE25833B0F2Ad672651 Block Size: 16.348 Kbytes (EGYPT (EGY) uses Ethereum's block size and rate) Wallets in use: Trust, Eidoo, Kcash, Coinomi

Coin Distribution Public sales: 650 Million EGY Founding from partners/Private Investors: 250 Million EGY Development: 40 Million EGY Airdrops: 5 Million EGY Bonus: 5 Million EGY Bounty: 1 million EGY PR & Marketing: 5 Million EGY Legal: 5 Million EGY Exchange & Partnerships: 10 Million EGY Office & Miscellaneos: 10 Million EGY Reserve: 19 million Total: 1000 Million EGY

The Rules ALL DISTRIBUTED EGY FOR WORKING TEAM, INVESTORS, AIRDROP AND BONUS ARE NOT GOLD-BACKED Starting from 01/01/2020 rules will be as following:-

  • EGYPT (EGY) will not be Gold-backed for any new holders if EGYPT (EGY) Market price is higher than 0.1 US Dollar.
  • If you buy EGYPT (EGY) before 01/01/2020 and the Market price collapse after 01/01/2020 If you wish to return your EGY back to us we will give you back the money you paid based on 0.70 US Dollar in return of every paid 1 US Dollar, the 0.70 USD payback is calculated after deducting all the expenses which is caused by Government taxes, exchange charges from ETH to Fiat to Gold to Fiat to ETH, money will be sent to your Ethereum Wallet after deducting the transfer fees.

Money will be sent to your Ethereum Wallet after deducting the transfer fees.