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This repo includes a rather huge set of tree allometric equations and code to process them
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Tree Allometry.Rproj

Tree volume, biomass and carbon

Here you can find a collection of allometric equations to calculate volume of trees. Equations have been gathered from all over Europe and are applied to the data according to the following graph.

Decission tree to chose relevant allometic equations for calculation of tree volume

A 'global equation' is any equation for the calculation of stemwood volume of a specific species that has been defined somewhere in the literature. 'Generalising' a species refers to considering only the genus of this species and 'generalisation' is possible, if several tree species within a genus exist and the genus only is described by an equation (such as in the case of Quercus or Acer). 'Substituting' a species is possible, when it is reasonable to assume that a very similar species exists (such as in the case of Quercus sp. and Castanea sativa).

Equations have originally been pulled from Zianis et al. (2005) and the Globallometree-database. However, equations from had to be corrected on several occasions.

Equations were harmonized to be giving the same units for volume (m³). Biomass is calculated utilizing BCEF-values from Aalde et al. (2006) (Tab. 4.5) and root-biomass is calculated utilizing root-shoot values from Mokany et al. (2006). Carbon was calculated by multiplying total biomass with 0.5.


Everything can be used, under the terms of the License. You only need to pay attention to either set ID of species in your data to the values that can be found here or adapt the code. Feel free to fork it all and add your equations and values to this repo!

Read in data via a data.frame of the following form:

id_location id_species d130 height other
location 1 species 1 41 22.5 ...
location 1 species 2 13 8.3 ...
... ... ... ... ...

id_location and other can be any desired number of additional columns for the needs of your sampling design. id_species, d130 and height however are required to run this function.


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  • Estonian forest inventory (ask for additional data from Jaan Liira)
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BCEFs (and carbon fraction)

  • Aalde et al. (2006) - IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (Tables 4.4 and 4.3)

root:shoot ratio

  • Mokany, Karel, Raison, R. John, Prokushkin, Anatoly S. (2006): Critical analysis of root shoot ratios in terrestrial biomes. Global Change Biology 12: 84–96.
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