This consists of custom designed PCBs that spell names that will plug into an Arduino and the code to drive them.
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This is an Arduino based project that flashes text or a name on a shield, with various modes and brightnesses selectable via tact switches. It uses PWM output pins (six on an Arduino Uno/Duemilanove) to control brightness levels when necessary. I designed the circuit boards in Fritzing, then ordered them from their fabrication plant, and soldered the LEDs on.

Eric LEDs On

See the assembled ones on YouTube in various modes:


These are the code files that drive the Name shields with LEDs.

Current Modes (you can easily write your own, be sure to customize them in the Modes.ino file):

  1. All On
  2. Blink All (at once)
  3. Blink All (at once) - Fast
  4. Sequential
  5. Sequential - Fast
  6. Wave
  7. Wave - Fast
  8. Blink Dot of i (if applicable)
  9. Blink First Letter
  10. Blink Second Letter
  11. Blink Third Letter
  12. Blink Fourth Letter (if applicable)
  13. Fade All
  14. Fade All - Fast
  15. Fade All - Slow
  16. All Bright
  17. All Off


These are Fritzing .fzz files that define PCB schematics that can be ordered as Arduino shields. Visit Fritzing for more information.


Currently, I have built Eric, Matt, Bill, and RDI. If you'd like me to make one for you, Email Me or download fritzing and the Arduino IDE and build your own!

Here are some of the other variants:

Bill LEDs On Matt LEDs On RDI LEDs On