Application Lifecycle

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EWF Generic Application Lifecyle

The thread of control is initiated by the client (Web Client(Browser) Desktop, other), passed from component to component and finished in the Application to apply our business logic.


Application Architecture

Control Flow

Client --> (1-http)--> Server --(2-*GI)--> Connector --(3-EWF)--> Application

Client (share media type (json, xml, html, etc) ) with Service

  1. The client (the Browser or other type of client) initiates the process sending a HTTP request to the server.
  2. The server (Apache, Nino, ningx) receives the request, process it according to its configuration and, if it is the case, dispatches it into a Connector (FCGI, CGI, Nino).
  3. Based on the HTTP operation ( GET, POST, PUT, DELETE).
  • The handler dispatch the business process through an Application Logic/ Business logic.
    1. Custom code per application.
  1. The Application Logic exit and send to the handler the answer.
  2. The handler send the response to the client.
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