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AI Dungeon CLI

This is basically a cli client to

This allows playing AI Dungeon 2 inside a terminal.

I primarily did this to play the game on a DEC VT320 hardware terminal for a more faithful experience.

For more context, read the accompanying blog post.

AI DUngeon on a VT320



PyPI version

$ python3 -m pip install ai-dungeon-cli

Of for unstable release from the source code:

$ python3 -m pip install .

Arch Linux

Package is on AUR.

$ git clone
$ cd ai-dungeon-cli-git
$ makepkg -si


In either way, you first need to create a configuration file.

If installed with pip:

$ ai-dungeon-cli

Or from source:

$ cd ai-dungeon-cli
$ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
$ ./ai_dungeon_cli/

Please note that it is recommended to do it in a virtual env in order to not mess up with the main Python env on your system.


Create a file config.yml either:

  • in the same folder in your home folder: $HOME/.config/ai-dungeon-cli/config.yml
  • in the same folder as the sources: ./ai-dungeon-cli/ai_dungeon_cli/config.yml

Authentication (mandatory)

ai-dungeon-cli supports 2 ways to configure user authentication.

Either precise a couple of credentials in conf:

email: '<MY-USER-EMAIL>'
password: '<MY-USER-PASSWORD>'

Or sniff a Authentication Token and use it directly:

auth_token: '<MY-AUTH-TOKEN>'

To get this token, you need to first login in a web browser to

Then you can find the token either in your browser localStorage or in X-Auth-Token Request Header of the POST inputs requests made while playing.

Either way, developer tools (F12) is your friend.


The default user prompt is '> '.

You can customize it with e.g. :

prompt: 'me: '

Slow Typing Animation

By default, responses are printed to the screen instantly.

To enable a fun "slow" typing animation, use:

slow_typing_effect: True


Please have a look at requirements.txt.

Limitations and future improvements

Right now, the code is over-optimistic: we don't catch cleanly when the backend is down.

A better user experience could be achieved with the use of the curses library.

For now, only the /quit and remember actions are supported. I need to enable the others (/revert, /alter...).

It would also be nice to add support for browsing other players' stories (Explore menu).

Implementation details

We fallback to a pure ASCII version of the splash logo if we detect an incompatible locale / terminal type.


As you might have heard, hosting AI Dungeon costs a lot of money.

This cli client relies on the same infrastructure as the online version (

So don't hesitate to help support the hosting fees to keep the game up and running.


Jordan Besly @p3r7 (blog).

Contributors & acknowledgements

Major contributions:

  • Idan Gur @idangur: OOP rewrite of game logic
  • Alberto Oporto Ames @otreblan: packaging, submission to AUR
  • @jgb95: slow typing effect

Minor contributions:

  • Robert Davis @bdavs: pip requirements
  • @Jezza: suggested login using creds

Code for slow typing effect inspired by this message from Magnus Lycka on the Python Tutor mailing list.

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