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Compress your image without losing quality
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Compress Image

Compress your image without losing quality

How to use

Clone this project inside the project that you want to use

composer require eihror/compress-image

Create variables to receive the elements

$file = 'koala.jpg'; //file that you wanna compress
$new_name_image = 'koala_mini'; //name of new file compressed
$quality = 60; // Value that I chose
$pngQuality = 9; // Exclusive for PNG files
$destination = 'content'; //This destination must be exist on your project

The quality works only for JPG�s images. But if you want to change the file to PNG�s, you have to change manually via code. GIF doesn't affect the quality

Default quality for PNG: 9 ( 0 - no compression, 9 - max compression ) Create a new instance of a class

$image_compress = new Eihror\Compress\Compress($file, $new_name_image, $quality, $pngQuality, $destination);

And make the compression calling the function compress_image


This function will return only the name of new image compressed with your respective extension

That´s it! Feel free to use and making the code better if you find something different or wrong

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