Adds typing notifications for group chats in Pidgin
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Pidgin Groupchat Typing-Notifications

Adds typing notifications for multi-user group chats in Pidgin


Works with the Hangouts plugin, Skype plugin, Matrix plugin, Telegram and more.

For developers

This plugin relies on the PURPLE_CBFLAGS_TYPING flag being set with purple_conv_chat_user_set_flags() when a user is typing to display.

To listen to the event when the UI is typing in a group chat, attach to the chat-conversation-typing signal on the Purple conversations handle when logging in. Due to a race for when the group typing plugin is loaded and protocol plugins are loaded, you should only attach to the signal during the _login stage, but only once so that you don't receive multiple typing notifications, eg:

static gulong chat_conversation_typing_signal = 0;
static void prpl_login(PurpleAccount *account) {
  // ...
  // Your normal login code
  // ...
	if (!chat_conversation_typing_signal) {
		chat_conversation_typing_signal = purple_signal_connect(purple_conversations_get_handle(), "chat-conversation-typing", purple_connection_get_protocol(pc), PURPLE_CALLBACK(prpl_conv_send_typing), NULL);
  // ...

prpl_conv_send_typing(PurpleConversation *conv, PurpleIMTypingState state, gpointer *handle)
	PurpleConnection *pc;
	pc = purple_conversation_get_connection(conv);
		return 0;
	if (g_strcmp0(purple_protocol_get_id(purple_connection_get_protocol(pc)), "prpl-your-prpl-id"))
		return 0;
  // Send typing over protocol
  // Return the timeout like you would for your prpl_send_typing()
  return 20;