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A libpurple/Pidgin plugin for Discord

( For free/libre software that allows you to create/manage your account with Discord, check out Harmony )


Windows nightly builds from here

The plugin requires libjson-glib which can be downloaded from github and copied to the Program Files\Pidgin folder (not the plugins subfolder).


On Fedora you can install package from Fedora's main repository:

	sudo dnf install purple-discord pidgin-discord

On CentOS/RHEL you can install package from Fedora's EPEL7 repository:

	sudo yum install purple-discord pidgin-discord

Thank you to Vitaly Zaitsev for this package.


Extract purple-discord-9999.ebuild and copy it to /usr/local/portage/x11-plugins/purple-discord with folders created as necessary.

    mkdir -p /usr/local/portage/x11-plugins/purple-discord
	cp purple-discord-9999.ebuild /usr/local/portage/x11-plugins/purple-discord
	cd /usr/local/portage/x11-plugins/purple-discord
	ebuild purple-discord-9999.ebuild manifest
	eix-update; eix-diff # only if eix is installed
	emerge purple-discord

Thank you to Penaz for this package.


Requires devel headers/libs for libpurple and libjson-glib [libglib2.0-dev, libjson-glib-dev and libpurple-dev], as well as ImageMagick [imagemagick] and [gettext].

	git clone git://
	cd purple-discord
	sudo make install

Advanced Options

Use status message as in-game info: If enabled, the status message set via Pidgin (the text under Available, Away, etc in the buddy list) will be used as the game info for Discord "Playing ...".

Auto-create rooms on buddy list: If enabled, the plugin will add the channels (rooms) from the servers you're on as chats on your buddy list. This is preferred if you're using Pidgin, so you don't need to access the room list manually (from the buddy list, Tools->Room List). If you're not using Pidgin (or finch), you probably don't want this, since they have different buddy list APIs. Note: If the room list changes, it won't recreate the list unless you delete the entire group.

Number of users in a large channel: Mention behaviour is "smart" in here. If you're in a small channel, every time a message is sent, you'll be notified and the channel will pop up. If you're in a large channel, you'll only be notified if you're explicitly mentioned in the message. This value is the threshold to define a large channel. By default, if there are more than 80 (online) users in the channel, it will be considered large.

Display custom emoji as inline images: Automatically downloads custom emoji from the server and displays it in Pidgin as an inline image instead of as a URL link


To mention a user in a chat room, you can either use tab-completion at the start of the message, or prefix their username with an @ eg, SeriousEion: i am mentioning @SeriousEion

Bitlbee and spectrum2 users

Discord doesn't like you trying to connect from remote IP addresses so you'll need to grab an auth token from your browsers local storage:

Bitlbee users can then set the token with acc eionrobb-discord set token .......

spectrum2 users will need to edit the accounts.xml file to add the token. <setting name='token' type='string'>...</setting>

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A libpurple/Pidgin plugin for Discord




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