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Pidgin-Mattermost plugin by Eion Robb

Connects libpurple-based instant messaging clients (such as Pidgin, Finch, Adium, bitlbee) with Mattermost server.


Setup & Navigation

  • Installer for setting up Pidgin-Mattermost with Pidgin.
  • Connect to Mattermost server using email/username & password.
  • Connect to Mattermost server using AD/LDAP credentials.
  • Connect to Mattermost server using GitLab cookie authentication (MMAUTHTOKEN workaround).
  • Automatically add buddies and joined channels to buddylist and keeps the list in sync with the server.
  • Automatically keeps chat topic in sync with the server.
  • Add/Remove buddies.
  • User search via Accounts > {Mattermost Account} > Search for Users...
  • Channel search via Accounts > {Mattermost Account} > Room List
  • Server information via Accounts > {Mattermost Account} > Server Info

Not implemented yet:

  • Add/Remove chats.
  • ...

Core Communication

  • Send and receive messages, including weblinks, emoji and images.
  • Display of online/offline/busy/away status.
  • Sending of read notifications so the server understands users is still online.
  • Display of messages sent while Pidgin was offline.
  • Mark messages edited by a Mattermost user as "Edited:"
  • If Mattermost enables public file links (off by default) file sharing links can be displayed in Pidgin.
  • Display of emojis (install Pidgin EmojiOne smileys theme)

Group Discussions

  • Join a public and private channels and multi-party direct message channels by right-clicking on channel in Buddy List and selecting.

1-1 Discussions

  • Open Direct Message discussions from a Room by right-clicking on the user name and selecting IM.

Advanced Mattermost Features



End User Install Guides

Please see install guides for setting up Pidgin-Mattermost

This plugin includes it own installer for setting up on Windows:


Developer Install Guide

For modifying or extending this project please follow the Linux Client Install Guide to set up your environment.


  • April 18, 2017 - Pidgin-Mattermost v0.0 - Project started
  • April 23, 2017 - Pidgin-Mattermost v1.0 - Initial Release
  • April 28, 2017 - Pidgin-Mattermost v1.1 - Support non-HTTPS servers, various fixes
  • September 20, 2017 - Pidgin-Mattermost v1.2 - Gitlab authentication, Multi-team support, various fixes


The following table outlines the results of verification tests completed on different client platforms.

Version Verification Plan Analyst Verification Date Bugs Found
Pidgin 1.0 Win10 Tests v1.0 Ian Tien April 23, 2017 #4

Contributions to testing and verifying this projects are highly welcome, read our verification contributions documentation to learn how you can help.