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This is it. Everything you need to clone is here.

The master branch was renamed to main so Google and friends won't crawl its contents.

About the website

When computer-programming/engineering types have a website, it's traditional to brag about explain the technology used to create and serve the site. I have no idea who actually reads these summaries, but for posterity's sake…

The website is a static site created by Pelican, a Python static site generator. I added a few custom Python extensions to bend the Jinja2 templating engine to my will.

I created the theme myself—both the desktop and mobile variants. The basis for the theme is Dave Liepmann's Edward Tufte CSS, which powers the lovely serifed font and gorgeous margin notes you see throughout

The code highlighting theme is Solarized Dark, my preferred color theme for... everything.

Major thanks to Jody Frankowski's Blue Penguin theme (which, itself, was based on pelican-mockingbird) and Claudio Walser's FH5CO marble theme as guides to figure out how to use some of Pelican's less-documented areas for advanced themes.

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