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Layers CSS changelog

Latest official changelog is available on the web at

1.2.0 - Friday May 29, 2015

  • Using attribute selectors in progressively enhanced .columns for big file size reductions.
  • Added progressively enhanced .column.first support to explicitly mark the first column of a row (for each breakpoint).
  • You can now mark elements .hidden-over- and .hidden-under- breakpoints.
  • input.plain removes magical focus outlines on webkit
  • Typography basics are set for html, not body
  • border-radius is reset for .plain inputs on iOS Safari as expected

1.1.2 - Monday December 29, 2014

  • Bugfix: :not() used only in separate declarations, so non-compliant browsers don't ignore other declarations. Affects some input-related declarations in IE8, for example.

1.1.1 - Monday November 17, 2014

  • Normalizing i and b in _normalize.css.
  • Progressively enhanced .reset columns can be overwritten to go full-width as expected.

1.1.0 - Sunday October 3, 2014

Miscellaneous fixes

  • width: 100%; height: 100%; added to normalizations for html and body.
  • Some input definitions are less specific.
  • Resetting border-radius in .plain inputs and buttons.
  • Also added .fifth-width columns.
  • .row and .row-content clear floats. However, they're still completely optional.

New responsive adjustments !important;

The Layers CSS grid now supports columns set to arbitrary break points. The stock responsive adjustments set uses 4 break points.

Regular columns continue to never break unless explicitly set.

.center columns are no longer supported. To reliably center content, you can

  1. adjust the max-width or a row-container,
  2. .keep-center a container element while setting a sensible max-width, or
  3. .push- a .column (responsive versions available).

Furthermore, .limit- classes based on the breakpoints are now available. Refer to the documentation for more info.

1.0.6 - Saturday April 5, 2014

Switched width and max-width on text fields in forms.css. They're more intuitive and easier to override this way.

.plain inputs and buttons inherit text color.

1.0.5 - Monday March 3, 2014

Fixed .absolute positioning bug in tools.css. Prioritizing Helvetica over Lucida Grande as default font.

1.0.4 - Tuesday December 10, 2013

Updated default cursor for input elements in _normalize.css.

1.0.3 - Saturday November 30, 2013

Setting outline-width to 0 properly in _normalize.css.

1.0.2 - Friday October 25, 2013

Only .plain buttons inherit line-height.

1.0.1 - Tuesday October 22, 2013

List tools now work with definition lists, too. The following markups now work and make sense:

  • dl.plain
  • dl.inline
    • dl.inline.right
  • dl.collapse
    • dl.collapse.right

Definition lists added to reference documentation as well.

1.0 - Friday October 18, 2013

First formal release. Latest additions include .clear-after and positioning tools.

Known issues

Overeffective .last definitions

Progressively enhanced columns do not cancel all previous, which might cause issues when skipping a breakpoints. Example:

// Everything works

// `.small-last` will stay effective (remove margin) even on large screens.

This issue is caused by how progressive enhancements attempt to only cancel other column modifiers when needed. This issue can be worked around usually, and will probably be resolved in some future version of Layers.