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Example front-end website and back-end for fully-dynamic filtering capabilities (column, operator, value). Fully protected from SQL Injection.
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Dynamic Filters (a.k.a. FilterParseSearchParameters)

This repository includes an example front-end website, and a back-end database, for demonstrating fully-dynamic filtering capabilities (column, operator, value). Fully protected from SQL Injection, and based on "low-code development" principles.

It is the accompanying open-source project for the webinar Advanced Dynamic Search Queries and How to Protect Them.

This is an enhanced version of FilterParseXMLParameters which is available here:

The new version introduces two new methods for dynamically parsing filter sets:

  1. Json parameter sets.
  2. Table-Valued Parameters.

As mentioned above, this repository also includes a fully-functional demo web app, implemented in ASP.NET Core MVC + Angular, to demonstrate the intended functionality on the front-end side.

The demo web app was built based on the following tutorial:


Installation & Setup

  1. Start by forking or cloning this repository to your computer, and opening the DynamicFilters solution in Visual Studio.
  2. Creating the Database: Do one of the following:
    • Open the DemoDB_Create.sql script file and run it in your local SQL Server instance (must be in SQLCMD mode). Or:
    • Manually publish the DemoDB.dacpac file into your database. Or:
    • Open the DemoDB database project, and publish it to your local SQL Server instance.
  3. Optionally: Change the connection string in \DemoWebApp\appsettings.json in case you're not using default settings (localhost server, DemoDB database, Windows Authentication).
  4. This should only be done once: Right click on the run_me_first_npm_init.bat executable and Run it as Administrator , to install all angular dependencies and build the app.
  5. Whenever you want to run the app: Right click on the run_core_server.bat executable and Run it as Administrator.
  6. The web app should now be available at http://localhost:26048/client.html


This GitHub repository also includes an accompanying Powerpoint presentation, available here:

Main Stored Procedures

The "FilterParse" stored procedures are the "main engine" for this solution. They can be found here:

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